What’s a Website?

From the Herald: LONDON – A British judge admitted today he was struggling to cope with basic terms like “website” in the trial of three men accused of inciting terrorism via the internet. Judge Peter Openshaw broke into the questioning of a witness about a Web forum used by alleged Islamist radicals. “The trouble is… Continue reading What’s a Website?

Police Allegations

Isn’t it extraordinary how little of the allegations raised by Ian Wishart have made it into the media. It’s way beyond “tip of the iceberg” – it’s more like talking about someone out at sea in a rowboat, where they should have mentioned the man was standing on a very large block of the Antarctic’s… Continue reading Police Allegations

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Lawsuit Abuse

I’ll bet money this appears on Kiwiblog within the week! So there’s this lawsuit. It’s taken by a judge. Here’s what he’s after: $1,500 for each “violation” – counting each day for 10 years as two “violations” Multiply that by 3x as three people were “involved” $500,000 in “emotional damages” “$542, 500 in legal fees,… Continue reading Lawsuit Abuse

Greens and Police

Thinking about the Greens and the Police, one always is left a little confused. Whenever there’s a protest or anything else happening, the Police are “abusing their power” and can’t be trusted. However, when it comes to the smacking debate (don’t make me give it it’s full title, you know what I mean) they keep… Continue reading Greens and Police

Perfectly Justifiable Taser Usage

NRT, true to form complains the Police used a taser “out of convenience”. Senior Sergeant Garth Stockley, asked earlier by the Herald, said no officer had been assaulted. He said the 17-year-old was Tasered because police couldn’t bring him under control after the arrest. “We were in the middle of the road and it was… Continue reading Perfectly Justifiable Taser Usage

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Hate America, Hate the NYPD

NRT vents his spleen on the NYPD, after officers were charged in a shooting incident. He says: Meanwhile, New Yorkers ought to be asking their politicians why this sort of thing is allowed to keep happening – and why a domestic law enforcement agency with the duty of protecting people is displaying the same trigger-happy… Continue reading Hate America, Hate the NYPD

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The problem with criminals…

…is that they never when to say “enough”. It was always possible, and now it’s happened. More allegations have been filed against everyone’s favorite suspended dirty cop. I think I alluded to this possibility in an earlier post, but this blog isn’t called Halfdone for nothing. Find it yourself 🙂