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Toads and Warts

If you were running a political party, would you want somone on your staff who links to hate blogs?

I guess we’ll find out how acceptable that is in the Green Party.

(For those who aren’t interested in following the link, the site that Toad links to approvingly is very interested in getting a certain popular conservative politican’s name associated with a substance partially consisting of human fecal matter, among other things.)



Ugly Women

I recall a friend who once worked in a university hall of residence.

He told me he noted the good looking girls at the start of the year. During the year, having had opportunity to note their character, he decided that none were actually beautiful once the ugly inside was taken into account.

I was reminded of that after reading this story.

Drinks were thrown and blood was spilt when two blondes clashed in a bar about who looked best in a silver dress, a jury has been told.

Victoria Clapham, 22, wore the dress on a night out in central Wellington late last year. It was given to her by her friend Matthew Vibert and his mother – but she says she did not know he had previously given it to another woman.

In Wellington District Court yesterday Ms Clapham denied telling Masters that the dress looked better on her. The dress is not an exhibit in court and was not photographed for the jury to see.

Ms Clapham told the jury she knew Masters and Mr Vibert had broken up but not that the dress had previously belonged to Masters.

Masters was first to throw a drink when the pair met in the toilets.

Any man who dates either of these two is a fool.

Polanski victim no2 comes forward – as predicted

From the Times.

Charlotte Lewis, who appeared in Polanski’s 1986 film Pirates, came forward to claim that she was abused by Polanski “in the worst possible way” at his home in Paris in 1982, while he was a fugitive from his 1977 rape trial in the US.

Ms Lewis, who appeared at a press conference in Los Angeles with the celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, said that she was coming forward to make sure that the film director “faced justice” as he fights extradition proceedings from Switzerland.

The actress, who made her screen debut in the television series Grange Hill in 1978 and went on to appear in The Golden Child with Eddie Murphy in 1986 and in a string of other lesser-known films, claimed that the director “forced himself upon me” in his apartment in Paris.

Patterico* has been predicting this for some time. Not going to quote his post, as it contains explicit statements made by Polanski. Suffice to say Polanski didn’t seem to think what he did to the 13 year old was wrong.

But even as I say that I realise that’s shown by his actions too. He pled down the case from what were extremely serious charges, and then skipped the country because he coudn’t even face the music on those. Worse, he was able to slip out of the most serious charges because the victim knew she would be publicity humiliated due to his fame.

All of which makes it even more astonishing that anyone at all, anywhere, for any reason would defend this man.

*Who’s a prosecutor in the same office that is chasing Polanski, though he blogs his own opinion, not those of his office.

Update: And by defending him, I include headlines like this:
Roman Polanski speaks out at last

“At last”?

Ugly Blogging

There are some ugly things on the internet.

You know, I once saw a blogger threaten suicide, in comments to a post of his. Some of you will remember the situation I’m talking about. Some of his commenters mocked him and encouraged him to do it. The next post on his blog was from a relative saying he was dead.

Patterico makes this comment after observing Wonkette mocking Meghan McCain for making sure that a tweater wasn’t suicidal.

Posted in Dead People – not because of the suicide but because the blogger at Wonkette clearly is missing functions nessessary for life.

Another one bites the dust

Hey, this is starting to look like a trend!

Climate alarmists won’t have Miles O’Brien to spread global warming hysteria on CNN anymore as the network has decided to eliminate its science and technology unit.As reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Thursday, this “will result in the loss of seven jobs including veteran space correspondent Miles O’Brien.”

Apparently, this isn’t a cost-cutting move (h/t Chris Horner):

The decision to do away with science-and-tech reporting as a standalone unit is an editorial one, not an economic one, the media company said. Instead, those stories will be integrated into other parts of the network, CNN spokeswoman Christa Robinson said. For example, the bulk of the network’s environmental coverage is part of Anderson Cooper 360’s “Planet in Peril” occasional series.

…O’Brien represented one of that networks staunchest alarmists, and has been the subject of many NewsBusters articles. Some of my favorites include O’Brien:

  • Claiming that scientists who dispute anthropogenic global warming “are bought and paid for by the fossil fuel industry”
  • Sleeping during a senate hearing about how the media cover global warming
  • Having some combative interviews with Sen. James Inhofe (R-Ok.) here and here
  • Telling then Congressman J.C. Watts, “The scientific debate is over
  • Calling climate realists “dead-enders,” a “tiny fraction of a minority,” and a “very small fringe
  • Suggesting climate realists attending a global warming conference are flat earthers.

Needless to say, O’Brien has been the source of a lot of guffaws and chuckles for climate realists the world over.

Well, I wonder what’s bringing this on all of a sudden? Oh, maybe this explains it.

Time of Death…

Murray beats me to it.

Time of death for Clark the future fomer second woman PM of New Zealand… the instant she started talking about deporting the editor of the countries most left leaning paper by saying:

“No one’s talking about deporting the editor of the New Zealand Herald for goodness sake.”



Funny choice of words that – “deporting”. One is left wondering….

Let them know you disapprove

For those of us who look at “Peace” groups and see people so wound up (see previous post!) about war, that they’re one step away from starting one personally, here’s an idea.

NRT has posted bank account numbers for donations to the accused. I suggest we all donate 1c.

Then they can look at their bank statements filled with useless transactions and realise just how many people find their radical ideologies are an appalling affront to civilisation.

Who knows, maybe they’ll be able to afford a lawyer for long enough to say “tell the police everything you know”?

Indymedia mentions that Global Peace and Justice Auckland have established a defence fund for those arrested in this weeks raids. Donations can be made to:


Remember to label them as being for the defence fund.

Peace Action Wellington also has a legal defence fund: 02-0536-0458570-00 Particulars/Code/Reference: LEGAL DEF.

Everyone deserves a good defence in court, no matter what they are accused of, so I urge everyone to contribute.

Wrong Iraq War

I was reading the news today, and when I saw this

The last New Zealand “human shield” to leave Iraq…

I thought they were referring to the hostages used by Saddam in 1990 to protect his military installations. Those poor people suffered quite a bit, and it is only right that we should note the passing of one of them.

Then it turned out the guy was one of the idiots who actually volunteered to do the job Saddam kidnapped people for in 1990. Boy how times change. But it sounds like he got a good lesson thrown in:

The fitness fanatic believed passionately the invasion of Iraq was wrong but quickly became disillusioned by his treatment by Saddam’s regime saying he was just happy not to “get shot in the head in the desert” in the end.

So instead, he died in China. Probably pissed off the locals or something.

Anyway, I see they’ve changed the headline to make it less confusing to people like me who actually remember stuff.

(Oh yea, he was in Big Brother too.)

Capitalism has Failed

I am admitting failure. Yes, capitalism has failed.

You see, in a report published a week ago, a method of farming was identified that reduces greenhouse gasses from cows. It even makes a small profit.

madcow2.gifBut farmers have not taking this up in large numbers, not even with several days to do so.

In fact, most farmers won’t even have considered costing it for their specific situations.

Therefore, we must conclude that capitalism has failed. We must now move to a socialist paradise where all decisions are made by a central committee, and all farmers have to winter on sawdust, regardless of the cost of the sawdust or affect on the health of cows. I mean, taking cows out of a nice paddock and putting them all together in close quarters has absolutely no affect on their health for the year…

Hat Tip: No Right Correct Turn 🙂

Update: Spell checking on titles failed too.

The problem with criminals…

…is that they never when to say “enough”.

It was always possible, and now it’s happened. More allegations have been filed against everyone’s favorite suspended dirty cop.

I think I alluded to this possibility in an earlier post, but this blog isn’t called Halfdone for nothing. Find it yourself 🙂

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