Toads and Warts

If you were running a political party, would you want somone on your staff who links to hate blogs? I guess we’ll find out how acceptable that is in the Green Party. (For those who aren’t interested in following the link, the site that Toad links to approvingly is very interested in getting a certain popular… Continue reading Toads and Warts

Ugly Women

I recall a friend who once worked in a university hall of residence. He told me he noted the good looking girls at the start of the year. During the year, having had opportunity to note their character, he decided that none were actually beautiful once the ugly inside was taken into account. I was… Continue reading Ugly Women

Ugly Blogging

There are some ugly things on the internet. You know, I once saw a blogger threaten suicide, in comments to a post of his. Some of you will remember the situation I’m talking about. Some of his commenters mocked him and encouraged him to do it. The next post on his blog was from a… Continue reading Ugly Blogging

Another one bites the dust

Hey, this is starting to look like a trend! Climate alarmists won’t have Miles O’Brien to spread global warming hysteria on CNN anymore as the network has decided to eliminate its science and technology unit.As reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Thursday, this “will result in the loss of seven jobs including veteran space correspondent Miles… Continue reading Another one bites the dust

Time of Death…

Murray beats me to it. Time of death for Clark the future fomer second woman PM of New Zealand… the instant she started talking about deporting the editor of the countries most left leaning paper by saying: “No one’s talking about deporting the editor of the New Zealand Herald for goodness sake.” You.just.did. Thnxby. Funny… Continue reading Time of Death…

Let them know you disapprove

For those of us who look at “Peace” groups and see people so wound up (see previous post!) about war, that they’re one step away from starting one personally, here’s an idea. NRT has posted bank account numbers for donations to the accused. I suggest we all donate 1c. Then they can look at their… Continue reading Let them know you disapprove

Wrong Iraq War

I was reading the news today, and when I saw this The last New Zealand “human shield” to leave Iraq… I thought they were referring to the hostages used by Saddam in 1990 to protect his military installations. Those poor people suffered quite a bit, and it is only right that we should note the… Continue reading Wrong Iraq War

The problem with criminals…

…is that they never when to say “enough”. It was always possible, and now it’s happened. More allegations have been filed against everyone’s favorite suspended dirty cop. I think I alluded to this possibility in an earlier post, but this blog isn’t called Halfdone for nothing. Find it yourself 🙂