Funny That – “Women could earn more in male-dominated trades”

Women could be on average $15,000-a-year better off if they went into male-dominated trades instead of more traditional female-dominated occupations, according to research released today by Minister of Women’s Affairs Lianne Dalziel. Speaking at the centenary celebrations for the Wellington and Hutt YWCA, Lianne Dalziel said the research showed wages for qualified, experienced staff were… Continue reading Funny That – “Women could earn more in male-dominated trades”

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Why Men are Paid More

DPF links to this report. Very good debunking of the crap stats we put up with in this area. Many of the reasons boil down to: Men take on higher risks Men work longer hours Men don’t work part time cos they don’t care about quality of life 🙂 Here’s another article from a USA… Continue reading Why Men are Paid More

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Confessions of an Ex-Feminist

Funny what you find when you’re looking at something quite different: I got many comments to my posts about Muslim rapes and gang rapes of Swedish and Norwegian women. Several of my readers asked what Scandinavian men are doing about this. What happened to those Vikings, anyway? Did they drink too much mead in Valhalla?… Continue reading Confessions of an Ex-Feminist

Sexism in Scrubs?

Mia compares Scrubs to Grey’s Anatomy. She appears to find the “blatant sexism and racism” in Scrubs refreshingly honest compared to GA. Here’s the thing. It’s a comedy. Fact: Feminists have no sense of humour. This severely limits your choice for lead actors in a comedy series, as well as the audience. Fact: I don’t… Continue reading Sexism in Scrubs?

NZ Herald – Canvas and Feminism

Getting my Herald Saturday morning and opening it up, out falls Canvas as per usual. Which reminds me of a article some weeks ago about a modern feminist. When asked about the relevance of feminism, she gave 3 reasons why it was still needed. 1. Rape 2. Domestic Violence 3. Advertising. Ok, first of all… Continue reading NZ Herald – Canvas and Feminism