A picture is worth a thousand words, but about whom?

The saying is “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I agree. I think this picture illustrates quite nicely just how unhinged the left are. Even stupider, Idiot is on record on his blog making the most outlandish excuse for another piece of legislation which allows a government department to not just spy on, but to utterly destroy… Continue reading A picture is worth a thousand words, but about whom?

Civility and Child Poverty

It’s been a while since I did a NRT fisk. Asked how the government knows it is reducing child poverty, she says that it depend son how it is measured. Asked how it is measured, she is eventually forced to confess that it is not – something she finds hilariously funny. Idiot can’t help himself.… Continue reading Civility and Child Poverty

You don’t get your own facts

It’s often said that you get you own opinions, but you don’t get your own facts. Back in the 90’s, the government privatised Telecom. The new owners immediately ramped up dividends while under investing in new technology. The result was a second-rate phone network. Now, technically it is true that Telecom was privatised in the 90’s, in that… Continue reading You don’t get your own facts

Hokitika airport and Idiot/Savan’ts insistence on staying in the gutter

Hokitika is extending it’s airport. Every small town wants to be a big town. Most settle for building a giant fibreglass vegetable to “put them on the map”. But some have grander plans. For example Hokitika, a dipshit little town of around 4,000 people, wants to have an international airport, and so is spending millions of dollars… Continue reading Hokitika airport and Idiot/Savan’ts insistence on staying in the gutter

Fix child poverty – it’s easy.

No Right Turn has a go at Labour, but I’m more interested in this statement. Last election, the Labour party did a good thing. After years of denying that its discriminatory Working For Families “in-work” payment denied assistance to those who needed it most, they listened to the evidence, and agreed to (slowly) universalise it in order to eliminate… Continue reading Fix child poverty – it’s easy.

Actually, that’s an improvement

We all know unemployment is bad. But how bad is it? One of the big themes of National’s New Zealand is the lack of jobs. There’s another example of this in theManawatu Standardtoday:… not exactly desirable work, and yet it has six times as many applications as there are positions. Actually, if Idiot were following… Continue reading Actually, that’s an improvement

Private information in Public

No Right Turn highlighted this: Today in Parliament, Labour MP Lianne Dalziel asked some questions about the fairness of the government’s bailout for red zone property-owners. Gerry Brownlee’s response? To dump the details of her earthquake claim into the Parliamentary record. Again, this is an appalling act of information thuggery, involving deeply personal information. This is purely… Continue reading Private information in Public

The union says it, Idiot believes it, that settles it

Idiot really hates the idea of charter schools. Destiny Church. They’ve announced plans to move their existing private school to South Auckland and re-establish it as a charter school in order to receive public funding. LOL. No, they have not. What Idiot’s own source says: Destiny Church could receive money from the public purse if… Continue reading The union says it, Idiot believes it, that settles it

The ACT party: Stealing Labour children since like, forever!

Been a while since I did a full fisk of Idiot. As we all know, National’s support agreement with ACT included an out-of-the-blue infliction of charter schools. Well, “out of the blue” for people who haven’t bothered to read what ACT has been saying about education, and who did a quick ctrl-f search on the policy and didn’t… Continue reading The ACT party: Stealing Labour children since like, forever!

Oil spill Fisk

I was going to fisk this post. Ok, maybe I will. With the Rena now likely to sink and spill the rest of its fuel and cargo across one of our busiest ports and favourite holiday spots, its worth thinking about the future. Beyond the immediate cleanup, what policies can we put in place to prevent or mitigate such messes… Continue reading Oil spill Fisk