Inevitable. Peroid.

Idiot/Savant gets all hyped up about arming police. An unarmed police force polices by consent; they have no option but to seek the active cooperation of the citizenry. An armed police force polices by fear, using the omnipresent threat of lethal force to “induce compliance”. Oh, they might not be sticking the gun in your… Continue reading Inevitable. Peroid.

ECE “Cuts”

Oh, he’s done it again. When National ripped $400 million out of ECE funding, Education Minister Anne Tolley tried to pretend that it wouldn’t hurt anyone, and that it wouldn’t result in lower quality education or in parents having to pay higher fees to make up the shortfall. Bullshit: Indeed it is. National isn’t “ripping”… Continue reading ECE “Cuts”

Death Penalty

The Death Penalty – apparently it’s bad. Today, October 10, is the world day against the death penalty. New Zealand finally abolished the death penalty over 20 years ago, but 58 countries still retain it. Today is the day we work to change that. Yes, you can no longer be executed if you commit a… Continue reading Death Penalty

Good for the Goose….

Idiot is upset. … But amendments made by the select committee have gone further; rather than simply saying “unions must be democratic”, the bill is now all about allowing employers to challenge the legality of strike action for minor defects of process (as used to thwart strikes in the UK). “minor defects of process” –… Continue reading Good for the Goose….

Nation of Murders

Idiot demonstrates (once again) why he can’t be taken seriously, even when he puts in good work. Back in July, the government decided not to lower the drink-drive limit from 80 mg / 100ml to 50 mg / 100ml. They claimed that there was no clear evidence on the benefits of the change, and instead… Continue reading Nation of Murders

Inventing BS by quoting half an answer

Idiot/Savant yesterday called the government out on their answer to SCF. Today in Question Time, Finance Minister Bill English refused to hold a public inquiry into the collapse of South Canterbury Finance. His excuse? The government didn’t have the resources to do it. This is just bullshit. Oh, it’s bullshit all right. 3. Hon DAVID… Continue reading Inventing BS by quoting half an answer

Just. Pathetic.

Today, parties across parliament have joined together to acknowledge the tragedy that is the Christchurch earthquake. I’m watching it right now. It’s totally fitting that for one day, the normal adversarial approach be put aside and parliament make a show of unity in support of the people of Canterbury, to show that no matter what… Continue reading Just. Pathetic.

“Judicial Murder”

Idiot is concerned that a murderer might get a death sentence. He calls this “Judicial Murder”. I assume he calls the usual punishment “Judicial Kidnapping”. I suppose that makes justice “Judicial Vengance” – expect a new campaign against that shortly. It’s always a bit grim, when you heard people talking about how barbaric it is… Continue reading “Judicial Murder”

How to deliberately misread your opponents motives

First, we frame the debate. Yesterday, the goverment ruled out raising the alcohol excise tax. Today, they’ve thrown the House into extraordinary urgency (which means they sit as long as it takes until the bill is passed) to immediately raise the excise tax on tobacco. The reasons given are the obvious ones – to make… Continue reading How to deliberately misread your opponents motives

But did he know the details?

No Right Turn has found the smoking gun! So, when John Key said at his press conference the other day that he didn’t know whether National received donations from the mining industry before the last election, because he didn’t handle that stuff, he was lying. A mining company made a donation (and a valuable raffle… Continue reading But did he know the details?