50 Years since Little Rock

No Right Turn posts on it being 50 years since the racial standoff at Little Rock. I usually have very little good to say about the US military, particularly when they’re fighting an illegal and immoral war in Iraq. But 50 years ago, the US Army gave its most honourable service, when soldiers from the… Continue reading 50 Years since Little Rock

Health and National

IS has a go at pulling apart National’s health policy. I haven’t read the policy, but I thought I’d have a go at pulling apart IS’s post anyway.

Millionaires Are OK

Marc Alexander sums up my thoughts on the whole “wealth holding” thing. In his article Minto begins with an incitement to outrage over the ‘fact’ that the richest 10% of New Zealanders now own 52% of the nation’s wealth. He goes on to say that “most of us feel uneasy when we read statistics like… Continue reading Millionaires Are OK