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Wednesday Video – Dr Cox’s Rants

I’m going to do a Wednesday Video thing.

Some of these made me laugh.



Honest Trailers – The Hunger Games

This is very, very funny.

Also makes some good points – like, why is there no hunger in the hunger games movie?

Trolling ignorant Obama Supporters

This is really funny.

Interesting how every Obama supporter they interviewed was so happy with Paul Ryan being his VP pick, and so few have a problem with Romney even though he is black.

(And as a non-partisan aside, yes I have no doubt this also works the other way!)

What the F?

It only lasts a couple of hours anyway

Be careful what you wish for

Weight problems are really easy to get rid of it turns out

And you only got 2 votes

The page cannot be found, but explanations are plentiful

One Can of Beer please!

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