Flight of the Conchords has won a Grammy. Congratulations!

Hamas Starts Gaza Boy Band

For all you boy band lovers, Hamas has started up a boy band named “The Protectors of the Homeland” and made up of Hamas gunmen.  Sounds appealing – doesn’t it?  As for the lyrics… …the Protectors will sing about dead terrorists, Islamic values and gaining control of Palestine from the Jews. Isn’t that fabulous –… Continue reading Hamas Starts Gaza Boy Band

Who is Matt Wertz??

Better than any politician I have ever heard and better still he is not a politician!

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Music Vid for 2008 Olympics titled: Hero

Chinese singer You Hongming was at Beijing Forestry University Gymnasium in Beijing Wednesday to shoot the music video for the Olympic Song “Hero.””Hero” tells the moving story of the Tanzanian runner John Steven Akhwari,who finished in last place at the 1968 Olympic Marathon. During the race, Akhwari fell, dislocating a knee joint, but he continued… Continue reading Music Vid for 2008 Olympics titled: Hero

Farewell from ILMTW

For various reasons, I have decided not to post anymore on this site 😦 (I may or may not blog somewhere else in the future.) ScrubOne seems to be doing a good job with his blogging; people reading his posts and linking to them. That’s great. And obviously this site wont fall off the edge… Continue reading Farewell from ILMTW