All right for Some

Cactus Kate points out yet another example of government helping people, while leaving those in greater need out in the cold. “For us to be aged 20 and under and to be given the opportunity to buy our own house and to be paying our own mortgage and not someone else’s is just awesome,” says… Continue reading All right for Some

Lost in the Post – Not just the government

Business follows Government in the UK. A leading High Street bank admitted today that it had lost a disc containing the personal details of 370,000 of its customers. HSBC is now facing the prospect of an investigation by the Financial Services Authority, the City watchdog, into its data security. The missing disc contained the names,… Continue reading Lost in the Post – Not just the government

Power Shortages?

Didn’t Labour promise us several years ago that we would never again have power blackouts?  That they would build power stations that would only be used during power shortages? I seem to recall that they were going to build one in Bluff. That would explain why we are at serious risk of power blackouts in… Continue reading Power Shortages?

No Guy Fawkes Day celebration in York

Via Dhimmi Watch. I was going to blog this last night but ran out of time. This is beyond a joke – they’re all but banning Guy Fawkes in his own home town. “You name it, and somebody, somewhere behind a desk, will quickly find a regulation that bans it,” Michael Nicholson, a television correspondent,… Continue reading No Guy Fawkes Day celebration in York

Ministry of Social Development Whitewashing Reports

This is worth a read. Apparently these guys are so incompetent, they can’t even whitewash their own reports properly, to hide the fact that they’re incompetent. Here’s the quote:  The 2006/07 Annual Report has been posted. However they have inadvertently linked to the Part One Word document that reveals material edited out of the final… Continue reading Ministry of Social Development Whitewashing Reports