Who said this?

Heard on Morning Report this morning. Only a council bureaucrat could come up with tripe like this! Q – …it’s only twelve caravans isn’t it, to stay there? A – Um, Corin, we believe and, and the, uh, preferred operators also believe, but I have to stress that this is a matter between council and,… Continue reading Who said this?

Garth George – Asset Sales

Garth George puts his finger right on the point – New Zealanders do not actually benefit from State Owned Enterprises, the Government does. He also points out that the “fire sales” were actually conducted by Labour, not National. Yes, we’re only supposed to remember the 90’s, not the 80’s… Said Helen Clark: “Why would we… Continue reading Garth George – Asset Sales

Yet Another Prick in Local Government

Look at this: Fred the Train’s 30 years of thrilling children at a North Shore seaside park are over. The little red engine clattered and wriggled through its last laps at Long Bay Regional Park yesterday – to the shrieks of excited children and tearful grins from drivers Barry and Judy Ware. …Landlord Auckland Regional… Continue reading Yet Another Prick in Local Government

Is Cullen Insane?

If you want an example of the left trying to shoot the rich, and ending up killing off the poor, you need look no further than this morning’s news. Let me explain. It’s no secret that house prices have risen dramatically in the last few years. If you owned a house in 2000, you’d be… Continue reading Is Cullen Insane?

So Many Payments, So Little Time…

I think Dave is taking the Mickey out of the increasing complexity thrust upon us by government largess. Actually, I think he’s serious – but it certainly sounds like he’s taking the Mickey!