Extraordinary – 3 Incredibly Stupid Things

DPF today notes a case where the Police have to pay out because the told the prison service about charges against one of their staff – for fraud! The Police have had to pay $8,750 to Carol Whatuira, a prison guard, because they notified the prison she had been charged with fraud!!! And no she… Continue reading Extraordinary – 3 Incredibly Stupid Things

Pick a Side

Mia urges everyone to pick sides in what turns into a very sick diatribe: My words are inadequate to express how angry, how upset I am for Folole Muliaga and her family. Even if there is no connection between Mercury’s disconnection of their electricity and her death, cutting off the electricity of someone on oxygen… Continue reading Pick a Side

Thank Goodness for That

One of the stupidest, most Stalinist by-law proposals ever has bit the dust. Aucklanders who enjoy staring at Dan Carter in his underwear can breathe easier after a panel of commissioners rejected a council plan to ban billboards. The panel will recommend the council allow all legally established billboards to remain but apply tougher conditions… Continue reading Thank Goodness for That