More information comes to light…

So you’ve got to read right down the page, but more information is coming to light about the violence Israeli boarding party were met with. Night-vision footage released by the military showed soldiers dropping from a helicopter one by one and being grabbed by a mob of men wielding sticks on the lead boat, the… Continue reading More information comes to light…

Israel stops shipment

Well, it seems that the Gaza aid ships have been stormed. Sadly, lives have been lost. Israel says its soldiers boarded the lead ship in the early hours but were attacked with axes, knives, bars and at least two guns. “Unfortunately this group were dead-set on confrontation,” Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev told the BBC.… Continue reading Israel stops shipment

Full Netanyahu UN Speech

Netanyahu made a fantastic speech at the UN the other day. Some very good points about their pullout of Gaza and the UN silence at terrorist attacks directed at Israel. Not PC and Liberty Scott have made some good comments. Over seventy years ago, Winston Churchill lamented what he called the “confirmed unteachability of mankind,”… Continue reading Full Netanyahu UN Speech

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Israel and Racism

Well, the defense for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is going full tilt. Their key defense is that he’s right, because on examination, Israel is in fact a racist state as he claims. Well, that claim ignores a few facts. I thought these remarks were good at explaining that which our friends on the left constantly miss. “Israel… Continue reading Israel and Racism

Who treats Palestinians worse?

I wonder how many people realise that the Palestinians in Gaza and the West bank are not the only Palestinian refugees? I wonder if they have ever though about which is better off? “Do you feel the Arab countries have betrayed the Palestinians?” I said. “They are treated like animals in Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria.”… Continue reading Who treats Palestinians worse?

Reply to Tim

Well, it seems that Tim has joined a conversation over at Ethical Martini. I am highly amused at his descriptions of the respective blogs. Tumeke’s mildly left-of-centre-ish in a libertarian pro-capital kind of way; Whaleoil is hard-right. Keeping Stock and SSGHML are variants of  some weird Christian intermediate thingy which both lean heavily rightwards. My… Continue reading Reply to Tim

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Boycott Tumeke

Whaleoil isn’t happy with Tumeke! supporting Ahmadinejad. Now, looking at the comments on the post in question we have this gem from Tim. Tim Selwyn said… Scott: I want Israel wiped off the map too – wiped off the map, but not in the way the Jewish state has wiped the Palestinians off the map.… Continue reading Boycott Tumeke

Saved by Israel, Killed by Hamas

Thing is, everyone knows Hamas treated their Palestinian brothers this way. People lie to themselves about Israel, so they can pretend that they’re worse, even though that’s practically impossible. HT: Whaleoil.