Must. Push. Narrative…

I just found this article on my phone “Why US President Donald Trump’s response to Christchurch shooting is dangerous“. Well, having read it I’m none to clear about Trump. But the article… now that’s dangerous. Most Americans were shocked to learn about the massacre of 50 people at two mosques in Christchurch on Friday. They shouldn’t be. The… Continue reading Must. Push. Narrative…

Journalists don’t care

There’s a meme right now where people are telling journalist (especially those just made redundant) to “learn to code”. This is in response to journalists telling other laid off professions to do so. But heaven forbid that they get a taste of their own medicine. "Learn to code" was tweeted at me by a sketchy… Continue reading Journalists don’t care

Twitter protects journalists from karma

I’m loath to quote twichy. But they’re right on this one. It seems that while plenty of journalists loved telling coal miners to “learn to code” when they were laid off, don’t dare tell the same journalists that they ought to if (when) they suffer the same fate. And Twitter is threatening to suspend… Continue reading Twitter protects journalists from karma

More on Covington

We now know more than enough to know that Nathan Philips is not trustworthy. Much of the continued progressive hatred for the Covington Kids depends on taking Nathan Phillips at his word. No one should: — David French (@DavidAFrench) January 23, 2019 This TimCast video actually isn’t about Covintongate. It was posted a few… Continue reading More on Covington

Media – WE are the victims here

  Just in case all that’s happened has passed you by, and you still didn’t think that the media does it’s job, Kirsten Powers is here to tell you that they are real victims of all this. Update: you can always tell when the media doesn’t like the story. Update 2: play stupid games win stupid… Continue reading Media – WE are the victims here

Media to receive lesson 2?

I’ve said to a lot of people, that the media really should have learned something from Trump’s election. Here’s a guy they told us was the devil incarnate, and he still was elected by a landslide in the electoral college. (Yes, I know about the popular vote,  I also know what that means – bupkis.) See,… Continue reading Media to receive lesson 2?

If you opposed Bush on imaginary grounds, you were a patriot.

Watch as MSNBC tries to cover for Obama’s IRS scandal. The left have used Obama’s skin colour as a weapon before, but it’s usually not anything like this this naked. Thing is, during the Bush years, there were a lot of fears floating around about how him seizing power and such. All but a few… Continue reading If you opposed Bush on imaginary grounds, you were a patriot.