Inner Beauty

I want to be like you but you are just like me Maybe I’ll stay an unchanged woman But would I be happy as I am? You see, every time I jump on the scales, I wish they were broken so I wouldn’t have to know my weight. Every time I look in the mirror… Continue reading Inner Beauty

Staged and False News

LGF has 2 articles in the “fake news” category today.  How French TV Fudged the Death of Mohammed Al Durah – Here Documents how French TV made up a story of a “brutal killing” by the IDF. Examination of the raw footage shows the boy is in fact alive. Reuters Cameraman Caught Staging Photos of… Continue reading Staged and False News

Double Standard On Republican vs. Democrat Sex Scandals

Most people now know that a Republican Congressman (Mark Foley) sent sexually explicit messages to an underage page. That Congressman resigned. What most people don’t know, or remember, was that a more serious incident occurred 20 years ago where a Democrat actually had a sexual encounter with one. He refused to resign, and was censured.… Continue reading Double Standard On Republican vs. Democrat Sex Scandals

Air America going the way of the Dodo

Air America is filing for bankruptcy protection. Follow the links for coverage back through the years. Back in the 80’s, Regan removed the requirement to have “Equal time” on the air. This meant that conservatives could have their own shows without having a failing liberal show on the same station to give their “equal” time.Liberals… Continue reading Air America going the way of the Dodo

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Tax and Government Deficit

NewsBusters catches out the media mis-reporting the story behind the shrinking US Deficit. Well, the tax cuts haven’t been repealed, and there have been no big new tax increases. But yesterday the White House announced that final tallies for the federal government’s fiscal year ending September 30, 2006, the budget deficit had shrunk from $413… Continue reading Tax and Government Deficit

NewsBusters catch Time Bashing Republicans

Newsbusters point out that Time keeps seeming to find the Republican bashing angle: Other major Democratic debacles of 1994 also never popped up on a magazine cover: the collapse of Hillary’s socialistic health care plan; Paula Jones’ sexual harassment suit against Bill Clinton; Hillary Clinton’s suspicious $100,000 profit in cattle futures trading; or the indictment… Continue reading NewsBusters catch Time Bashing Republicans