Hypocrite Gets her Comeuppance

Well well well. It turns out that those who use the law to shut out competition have trouble complying themselves. A new coffee caravan at Piha Beach has been shut down by the Waitakere City Council because it has no food licence and may need a resource consent. It was launched at the weekend by… Continue reading Hypocrite Gets her Comeuppance

More on Bunnings

Firstly, Andy points out that their quality is crap. If you agree, go to Mitre 10. Most stuff I’ve bought there is ok, so I’ll keep going. Frog Blog point out a few things. Bunnings workers, who belong to the National Distribution Union, and their boss have been negotiating now for nearly a year. Well,… Continue reading More on Bunnings

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Don’t Work at Bunnings

NRT has a post entitled “Don’t shop at Bunnings“. Apparently, I should show my disapproval by not shopping there. I love his reasoning.  In Australia, it pays well above the minimum wage – NZ$18.44 / hour, which will increase to NZ$19/hour in July (the Australian minimum wage is A$13.74 or NZ$15.80 / hour). The reason… Continue reading Don’t Work at Bunnings

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Skirting around the Supermarket Duopoly

I always gape in wonder every time the left open their mouths of monopolies. Here they praise the ability of the open market to provide choice. Today and tomorrow many thousands of New Zealanders will be visiting their local farmers markets around the country, neatly skirting around New Zealand’s supermarket duopoly, and trading directly with… Continue reading Skirting around the Supermarket Duopoly

Government Messing in Business

Looking at the business pages, I realised just now that all three top stories are to do with companies the government has screwed with, most quite recent. Auckland Airport – the government put the skids on the buyout deal. Telecom – Gattung left because the government suddenly decided to unbundled the local loop, knocking billions… Continue reading Government Messing in Business