National’s Tax Cut Plan

Well, I’ve read a lot of posts on the tax cuts, but haven’t had time to fully digest. I looked at Farrar’s post and thought that there was no possible way of anyone calling this “for the rich”, but NRT disagrees. I guess I’ve got to go over the numbers and calculators to work out… Continue reading National’s Tax Cut Plan

Bozell Column

Heh. One thing about the left, they let their own rhetoric displace facts when it comes to tax, time after time, sure as the sun rises. That, of course, assumes that President Obama will follow his plan to the letter, and that a newly elected liberal House and Senate will rubber-stamp his alleged tax cut… Continue reading Bozell Column

Income Splitting

Blair Mulholland’s blog is one I started reading recently. His thoughts on income splitting are quite close to my own. However, mulling over ACT’s proposed $10K tax free threshold has caused me to adjust my thinking.  If a man is earning money, not just for himself, but for a dependent wife and two young children,… Continue reading Income Splitting

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Labour on Tax Cuts

The PM says… Helen Clark says tax cuts will help alleviate money issues for families Prime Minister Helen Clark says tax cuts to be announced in next month’s budget will deliver timely relief for families, and she doesn’t think GST will be removed on food. (I expect that’s the last time that photographer will be… Continue reading Labour on Tax Cuts

Arguing yourself out of existence – don’t mind the facts

No Right Turn missed his vocation, he should be a stand-up comedian, not a blogger. Last election, National tried to buy their way to power by offering tax cuts for the rich. National promised to stop taking vastly more in tax than the government needed. Labour tried and succeeded in buying their way back into… Continue reading Arguing yourself out of existence – don’t mind the facts

We Need More Tax!

Ah, Tax. Bugbear of the left. Idiot/Savant opens up yet again with his own brand of hype mixed with desperation and a little chardonnay. But this isn’t just true of Labour supporters, but of New Zealand as a whole. To point out an inconvenient truth, the vast majority of New Zealanders are completely unaffected by… Continue reading We Need More Tax!