Please don’t abort your child

As a result of some disagreements on twitter today, I repeat this offer I have made many times on this blog. My wife and I have a standing offer to adopt or care for any baby that would otherwise be aborted in New Zealand. This offer is 100% serious. Should I be unable to, or… Continue reading Please don’t abort your child

The Left is NOT anti racist

  One thing that’s been happening in the wake of the shootings is that the left have made a big point of condemning racism. Except their condemnation is distinctly one-sided. Here’s the leader of the Green Party stirring up racial hatred – literally posted the day after the attack! That wasn’t the only rally that… Continue reading The Left is NOT anti racist

Media – WE are the victims here

  Just in case all that’s happened has passed you by, and you still didn’t think that the media does it’s job, Kirsten Powers is here to tell you that they are real victims of all this. Update: you can always tell when the media doesn’t like the story. Update 2: play stupid games win stupid… Continue reading Media – WE are the victims here

Covington-gate Videos and some more thoughts

Here’s a pretty good summary video of the whole situation from a YouTuber called Independent Man. Pretty much what I’d want to make though I think it needs a slightly better conclusion – but that’s a minor grumble. He does a good job of showing what happened and how ridiculous this is. Sargon of Akkad… Continue reading Covington-gate Videos and some more thoughts

Respect Women, Respect Men

Here’s something you never hear people talk when they talk about “Gender Equality“. I’ve discussed at length how men should treat women. I’ve written about the lessons I plan to teach my son; lessons about how he should love, honor, respect, serve, and protect the women in his life. Indeed, men need to respect women, and we, as… Continue reading Respect Women, Respect Men

Wikileaks blows some credibility

Apparently you shouldn’t trust something posted on a website that specialises in stolen information. The phony column was posted on a website that looks exactly like the online version of the New York Times Opinion Page — the pranksters even loaded the site with similar-looking ads and links to other (legitimate) Times webpages. But that wasn’t all. … Shortly after the… Continue reading Wikileaks blows some credibility

Mark Regnerus

Good article by Glenn Peoples on a study that found same-sex partners did not make the best parents. Glenn examines some of the criticism of the author. Look through the list of factors that David Sessions (the author of the above article). These are listed as things that Gays and Lesbians should be alarmed by when seeing… Continue reading Mark Regnerus