9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Not PC has a theory on why conspiracy theories are so attractive. Both conspiracy “theories” and real theories purport to explain things, says Lester, but the chief difference psychologically between them — given that the chief difference in reality is that conspiracy theories are patent nonsense — is that “real theories mean work. It takes… Continue reading 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Bringing Out the Truth

One of the best ways blogs work is to bring out facts that might otherwise remain hidden. There are many examples: Fauxtography in the recent Lebanon war Dan Rather’s fall from grace The Red Cross “targeting” incident These are a couple of majors there’s lots of examples every day. Michelle Malkin was pictured in a… Continue reading Bringing Out the Truth

Presbyterian Church shows Spine, Liberals Shocked

Ian Wishart explains. I’m constantly amazed by the number of people who aren’t church members who think they have an absolute right to tell the Presbyterian Church what they believe in. Unfortunately, the church is a club, a private club. Private clubs are, within limits, ruled by their members. They have an absolute right to… Continue reading Presbyterian Church shows Spine, Liberals Shocked

Cut the Baby in Half

Just reading another Thomas Sowell article. A thought occurred on compromises. It really annoys me when people approach a conflict with the idea that there is always fault on both sides. Like the latest political beat-up. If you don’t know about Solomon and the baby dispute, read up on it – it’s classic. You can’t… Continue reading Cut the Baby in Half


Stop the ACLU links to this article regarding RU-486. I’m not saying the guy complaining is sane, but concerns regading this drug are very, very real. Note the drug has only been approved for 4 years in the USA. At the time it was approved, remember that they were complaining that it had taken so… Continue reading RU-486