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Parliamentary Rapist? Try Hugger


“I was driving to Parliament the day af


Believe it or not, this weird “I’ve got the baby” pic is Trevor’s Twitter profile pic

ter the bullying and harassment report on the place was delivered and heard on the radio that a ‘rapist’ could be stalking the corridors and it disturbed me greatly,” he said.

However early that afternoon he realised he was the so-called “rapist” when he was summoned into the office of the Parliamentary Service boss Rafael Gonzalez-Montero to be stood down.

I can’t imagine what that must have been like. Absolutely horrible.

A colleague at the centre of an unsubstantiated complaint against him three years earlier had come forward again after complainants were urged to do so by the Speaker.

“At no time was I spoken to by the review’s head Debbie Francis which I thought I would have been considering an alleged incident had been investigated and was found to be without merit.

“It’s ironic that the review was about bullying and harassment. I feel I’ve been bullied out of Parliament and harassed within it, particularly by the Speaker’s claim,” the teary-eyed man said.

It’s like Mattress Girl. Sadly even today, there’s still people who paint her as the victim. This guy is incredibly lucky his name isn’t public.

The complaint was ruled to be unsubstantiated last year, laid two years after the incident happened.

The man said it resulted from working alongside a colleague at Parliament when a clipboard was lost.

“We searched for the clipboard which was important and with great relief we finally found it. She gave me a high five but being a little old-fashioned I hugged her back, that was honestly all there was to it,” the man said.

Two years later he said she laid a complaint and both of them were interviewed. In a written decision after the investigation last year, her claim that he hugged her from behind, pushing his groin into her, was found to be unsubstantiated and no further action was warranted.

But wait, there’s more!

The Speaker understood the same man was responsible for the two other claims of serious sexual assault. He later added one of the key dangers is no longer in the building.

The man said he’s dumbfounded but the same woman was involved in one of the other complaints. He said he passed a comment about another woman’s hair looking nice, with the original complainant telling her he was looking at her breasts.

The third complaint came following a platonic friendship he had with another colleague, who on one occasion came around to his house with her son for a cup of tea with his wife. He says he kissed her on the cheek once as he was farewelling her and he suspects she was put up to the complaint by someone else.

Again, shades of the Mattress Girl situation, where the woman scorned gets her friends to lay complaints to fake a “pattern of behaviour”. Same thing they tried to do with Kavanaugh.

This is a really bad look for Mallard. He painted parliament as a place where rapists roamed out-of-control.

Reality is, it was a non-event that was blown up, investigated and dismissed. But for some reason, Mallard decided to take something that was nothing and make it into something much bigger than it ever could have been.

One of the worst cases of bulling in parliament, ironically as part of a campaign to stop bullying.

Almost like the put the fox in charge of the hen-house. How about that?

Bernie Sanders


With all due respect to people who are Sanders fans, or even those who say “at least he’s honest (if mistaken)“, as far as I am concerned he can burn in hell. Here’s a video of him after he visited the hell-hole that was the Soviet Union.

But he’ll always get votes.

Which group is most likely to falsely identify people politically opposed to them as supporters of totalitarianism (Nazi)? University students.

Which group is most likely to identify as as supporters of totalitarianism (Socialism)? Also university students.



Heh – and some things never change

Another Kiwiblog post from 2007.

The Greens should be ashamed for their role to date.  Labour could not have introduced this bill without their support.  They could have insisted on a multi-party approach to the legislation.  More importantly they could have  insisted on a public policy process instead of a secret one.  But they sold their votes out for almost nothing.

The greens sold their vote for pretty much nothing?

I guess they’re nothing if not consistent.

Times have Changed

I found this old kiwiblog post, writing the latest “Offensive Content” page.

predicted on 25 July that the Government would not approve the Auckland Airport sale.

When the actual Trade Minister comes out against it, you know it is doomed.  He would not speak against it without the PM’s approval.  The PM is sending a message to the approving Ministers not to approve it.

Nowadays Winston regularly speaks without Ardern’s approval, it’s a real problem for her.

How times have changed.

Quote of the Day – Trump

Via Instapundit

[Trump is] a symptom of how rottenly dysfunctional our sorry political class is. Take away Trump and they’re just as awful and destructive. He just brings their awfulness to the fore, where it’s no longer ignorable. Now they’re willing to play with fire, risking the future of the polity over little more than hurt feelings, in a way that would have been unthinkable not long ago. [He is] not the cause of Washington’s decline. He’s a symptom, the wrecking ball that many Americans think was required.

lot of people don’t get this – the fact that Trump was very deliberately chosen because of, not in spite of, his disruptive nature.

Which is weird, because it hasn’t exactly been a great secret.

Of course that’s not the only reason he was chosen – free publicity had an awful lot to do with it. But that publicity just demonstrated he was what people wanted. And they wanted disruption, now cooperation.


Glenn Reynolds reminds us of something we’d all forgotten:

I would have rather he picked one of the more libertarian members of his list: Willett, or maybe Kethledge. And because some sort of trumped-up #MeToo thing was almost certain, a lot of people thought he should have picked Amy Coney Barrett. Kavanaugh was a fine, safe pick, but kinda milquetoasty DC Establishment for my taste.

But that was the reason to pick him. Trump knew he’d been vetted enough that there would be no real skeletons, and he no doubt expected that the Democrats would be so desperate they’d invent some. They would have done that with anyone he put up — but, precisely because Kavanaugh was a milquetoasty DC Establishment type, seeing the Democrats go into full batshit assault mode on him galvanized the other milquetoasty DC Establishment types. You could see the lightbulbs go off in their heads: The Democrats don’t hate Trump because he’s Trump. They hate all Republicans and want to ruin them. Even me! And they always will.

The result is that the Kavanaugh affair has welded the Trump and NeverTrump forces (except for a few sad outliers who don’t matter) into a solid force. And it’s simultaneously galvanized GOP voters around the country, closing the “enthusiasm gap,” as the normals become more militant.

What the Democarats did was dumb. It was monumentally dumb.

Trump nominated someone who was ho-hum. He was ok, but he wasn’t especially strong and favored narrow decisions. We didn’t (and still don’t) know his position on abortion is. Hardly the sort of conservative that would really excite the base.

But the Democrats immediately sounded the alarm. They had things dialed up to 11 even before the decision was made. No matter who it was, they’d have said he was bad for women, gays, minorities and that guy on the corner minding his own business.

But once the hearing closed, and the Democrats realised they’d not landed a killing blow, they bought out the dirty tricks. They came out with one well-coached individual who (eventually – half the point was to sow confusion and delay) told a torrid tale of a vicious assault by a laughing Kavanaugh. Along with this, others came out and laid accusations that were even less believable. But they were snapped up by the Democratic feminist activist base.

But this didn’t fool too many people. Oh sure, even now many Democrats and their activists still act like they believe, and I’m sure many actually do. And some might even think that Kavanaugh’s anger at the tidal wave of false accusations is disqualifying, even though they themselves created that anger.

I’m quite sure there would still be believers if we had literally video showing all Kavanaugh’s weekend activities over the time in question. But we don’t and we just have witness statements to go on. And those witnesses are firm – no one remembers this happening.

But the reality is that these accusations were false. They were lies. They were concoctions that should never have seen the light of day. But they weren’t created to be foolproof, they were created to try to shake a few votes loose from the Republicans. And they did delay things a few days. But they were never going to do more than that.

We’ve seen the video of screaming, hysterical feminists in Washington. These are the woman trying to convince (if you can call screaming in someone’s face “convincing”) senators to “believe the victim” and take these tall tales as true, in spite of all the evidence.

So has the Republican base.

They’ve seen the lies. They’ve seen the lies exposed. They’ve seen more lies, and the liars doubling down even after the lies were exposed. They’ve seen the delaying tactics, and everything else.

The fact is, the House, Senate, Presidency and most states are dominated by Republicans. They are, because people voted for them. There was a real risk that those people might have forgotten the danger of a Democratic senate, or House. People who have what they want can be either discontent or forgetful of what it was like before.

Well, there’s no danger of that anymore. They’ve seen exactly now desperate the Democrats are to gain power. Because if they’re happy to throw such ridiculous accusations at a man like Kavanaugh, where will they stop?

So thanks Democrats.


Update: thanks for this too: Don’t Forget: Kavanaugh Probably Would Have Been Blocked If Democrats Hadn’t Filibustered Gorsuch

Offensive Content Updated

Hi Everyone.

In spite of appearances, I have been doing some work here. I’ve put up the second quarter of the Kiwiblog index for 2007. It’s an unfinished task… and I do like to finish things.

There was a lot of Section 59 stuff, not all of which was included. A lot of the major scandals were a bit played out and coming to their conclusion. Also a lot of griping about Labour’s inability to give meaningful tax cuts in spite of massive surpluses.


New Zealand’s Watergate

In 1972, the Deomcratic party’s HQ was the subject of a bungled attempt at a break in.

This lead to a scandal that is so well known, that it became known as “Watergate” after the hotel, and almost every scandal in the English speaking world having the “-gate” suffix attached.

Why would you break into a competing party’s headquarters? Well, you’d find information, strategies, and other things that the opposing party is using legitimately. But you’d also find material that would be embarrassing – possibly even criminal if released to the general public.

What’ we’ve seen this week has been much the same.

Imagine the Republican party operatives who broke into Watergate succeeded.

Imagine they leaked the documents to a known, friendly journalist who wrote a book without checking with any other sources, compromising principles that journalist previously claimed to hold proudly. Imagine that those affected were able to claim with credibility that not just one break-in had occurred.

What we have here is a lot like Watergate. Only, where that break-in failed and backfired, this one succeeded. Only, it didn’t really find anything much, in 8gb worth of stolen material. So little new material in fact, that the media are really struggling to find anything. So little, that an entire chapter is about a man who’s email wasn’t even hacked, and thus, relies entirely on banal, already-public information.

And, just in case you thought this book was somehow principled, it ignores long-standing allegations of worse behaviour from the other side of the isle. (For all Slater’s faults, he has always blogged under his own name, and has never made the slightest secret of his connections to that party.)

Yet, what we have are opposition leaders praising those who engaged in the dirty trick, claiming that the stolen documents show serious flaws in our democracy. There are even journalists condemning the condemnation of the guilty party.

Here’s what the politicians said about it:

Labour Party leader David Cunliffe says allegations made in Nicky Hager’s new book ‘Dirty Politics’ are “the closest New Zealand’s got to its own kind of Watergate”.

How about The Greens?

The Green Party is to lodge a series of official complaints over allegations contained in Dirty Politics.

The party was also promising to hold a Royal Commission of Inquiry if elected “to get to the bottom of what has gone on and to seek recommendations on how to rebuild a clean and fair political system in New Zealand”.

[I would note that I have previously called for a Royal Inquiry into the 2005 election, and the attempts by the Labour party to intimidate public servants regarding their theft of $800,000 of public money and their breaking of electoral law and the subsequent attempt to change said law to their own advantage.

To the very best of my knowledge, the Green Party never came close to making such a demand, and still defends and supports the law changes to this day.]

“The New Zealand public cannot have any confidence in our democracy until these claims are investigated and [alleged] offenders held to account.”

The party revealed this morning complaints would be lodged with the police, Parliamentary Service, the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security and the Privacy Commissioner relating to the allegations of “corruption and abuse of power”.

John Key has degraded our democracy,” Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said.

What about Winston Peters?

Winston Peters is comparing the revelations in Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics to the Watergate scandal that brought down US president Richard Nixon.

Note the language used. People are comparing the allegations spun from material from a successful break in, with a failed attempt at a break in to extract similar material.

Ladies and gentlemen, a more cynical bit of politics you will not find.

Update: Try this: There was a break in, the material gathered is being compared to water-gate.

Cambodia, and destroying the world

I found this on Instapundit today. It’s so sad, I almost wept reading it.

When Khmer Rouge forces seized Phnom Penh on April 17, 1975, the couple was living with eight of their children in a rural town called Kampong Chhnang. Three days later, the guerrillas arrived and residents — including Younly — cheered, relieved the war was finally over, his 86-year-old widow Som Seng Eath recalled.

But within hours, everything changed. Every soul was ordered to leave on foot.

The Khmer Rouge were emptying Cambodia’s cities, marching millions of people into the countryside to work as manual laborers. Their aim was to create an agrarian communist utopia, but they were turning the Southeast Asian nation into a slave state.

Younly “didn’t believe what was happening. He kept saying, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon, don’t pack much,’” his widow said. She ignored his advice, and took as much as she could — including five of her husband’s school notebooks, and several blue ink pens.

As gunshots rang, they joined the departing hordes, cradling their young children and whatever they could carry. As they walked into the night, people wept.

Sadly, we forget so quickly just how evil humanity can be.

Go read, and remind yourself of the dangers we face when people decide that they can reshape society to their ideal, by whatever means they deem necessary.

Related, is this via Patterico. You can click through and read the letter to which this is a reply, but I think the reply pretty much speaks for itself, and the state of politics today.

Dear Son of A Right-Winger,

Go back and read the opening sentences of your letter. Read them again. Then read the rest of your letter. Then read it again. Try to find a single instance where you referred to your dad as a human being, a person, or a man. There isn’t one. You’ve reduced your father — the person who created you — to a set of beliefs and political views and how it relates to you. And you don’t consider your dad a person of his own standing — he’s just “your dad.” You’ve also reduced yourself to a set of opposing views, and reduced your relationship with him to a fight between the two. The humanity has been reduced to nothingness and all that’s left in its place is an argument that can never really be won. And even if one side did win, it probably wouldn’t satisfy the deeper desire to be in a state of inflamed passionate conflict.

The world isn’t being destroyed by democrats or republicans, red or blue, liberal or conservative, religious or atheist — the world is being destroyed by one side believing the other side is destroying the world. The world is being hurt and damaged by one group of people believing they’re truly better people than the others who think differently. The world officially ends when we let our beliefs conquer love. We must not let this happen.

Worth pondering, I think.

Problem Gambling Foundation

It’s a shame that the Problem Gambling Foundation has lost it’s funding.

But it’s quite another to try and weave a conspiracy into a situation where there is none. Ele Ludemann has a good post pointing out how Labour has tried to do just that.

This is the sort of stunt which puts voters off. But I’ve noticed that Labour has never been too worried about keeping their stories straight. I wonder what that says about their voters?

Update: It seems that the real reason they are upset is because the PGF is much more closely aligned with the Labour and Green parties than the Salvation Army is.

Reminds me of the screaming over making student associations voluntary really.

Update 2: Reading further down Kiwiblog I see this:

UPDATE2: Also worth thinking about how the PGF has reacted to the news they lost the tender. They immediately contact Trevor Mallard (no doubt through their public health manager who is a Labour Party candidate) and claim it was due to their opposition to Sky City. There are dozens of organisations out there who lose tenders when better bids are put in. Most don’t go running to Trevor Mallard to try and turn it into a political story. The fact they did so, shows how deeply political they had become.

A very poor choice there by the PGF, very poor indeed.

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