Trolling ignorant Obama Supporters

This is really funny. Interesting how every Obama supporter they interviewed was so happy with Paul Ryan being his VP pick, and so few have a problem with Romney even though he is black. (And as a non-partisan aside, yes I have no doubt this also works the other way!)

US Politics Obama Vs. Obama

I think that to some extent you can do this with most candidates, but Obama seems especially prone to contradicting his earlier self. In this case, he’s piously taking the high ground now. Clearly he’s hoping that no one call him on it. Needless to say, the media won’t.

Quote of the Day – Obama Edition

I will be held accountable. I’ve got four years . . . If I don’t have this done in three years, then there is going to be a one term proposition.” Woops. Also, this video is worth a look.

Dog Whistling and Racism in US Politics

The Daily Caller has a good piece on the American left’s obsession with finding racism everywhere. Last night, Ann Romney sought to dispel the notion that somehow she and Mitt have had a “storybook marriage.” So she pointed out that their life together included struggles, such as her MS and breast cancer. And then she concluded: “What… Continue reading Dog Whistling and Racism in US Politics

Obama finally delivers

Yes, it’s happened. Obama has finally delivered on his promise of post-partisan politics, delivering a budget vote without a single dissent. Impressive.

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Did Obama organize the “Osama is Dead” celebration beforehand as a campaign rally?

Notice this on a Patterico thread: Here is something that surprised me: within 15 minutes of the news channels announcing that bin Laden was dead, there were hundreds of GWU students gathered in front of the White House, complete with not just flags on a narrow stick, but large 3 x 5 flags on poles.… Continue reading Did Obama organize the “Osama is Dead” celebration beforehand as a campaign rally?

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I suspect many NZers would be completely unaware of what’s going on in Wisconsin. I must confess that I’ve only picked up the second half of the story, so was interested to read this article this morning. For in the end, the images and messages tell the story. The showdown in Madison pits pampered public… Continue reading Wisconsin

Everyone Draw Obama Day

The latest faux outrage against anyone daring to criticise Obama. When Batton Lash and I decided to take on the Obama Administration with our strip 16 months ago, few people were willing to mock the president. Yet we both saw that this president was at times foolish, mendacious, clueless and vain. Perfect fodder for a… Continue reading Everyone Draw Obama Day

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