There were too many, and too few troops in Iraq

That’s what Kerry said. Yes, seriously. You can’t argue with Patterico’s conclusion… They have only one consistent message: Bush is wrong. Sickening, but that’s what the left is now reduced to. That and claiming that election that are not won by them are rigged.

Kerry Issues a (slightly) More Convincing Apology

He’s done it finally, an apology that actually says sorry for calling the most educated US military in history stupid. Here’s the statment on his own website. I find it helpful to see it in it’s entirety. It’s only 3 short paragraphs, here’s the one which will be quoted the least: It is clear the… Continue reading Kerry Issues a (slightly) More Convincing Apology

Hold the Presses! The BBC tell’s it straight for once

It’s amazing how refreshing a MSM headline can be when it’s telling the truth: As the president was telling the good people of Texas that the Democrats did not want to win in Iraq, his former rival was in California insulting the troops…. And when you review Mr Kerry’s comment, it’s hard to argue: “You… Continue reading Hold the Presses! The BBC tell’s it straight for once

Kerry’s Boob

Ok, here’s the guts on Kerry’s boob. He said if you don’t apply yourself to education, you’ll end up stuck in Iraq Bush and Republicans responded to these disgraceful remarks MSM then runs interference for Kerry by using headlines like “Bush attacks Kerry on Iraq comments” Kerry makes statement, refuses to apologise See, here’s the… Continue reading Kerry’s Boob

Barack Obama – Who?

Most people haven’t heard of Barack Obama in this country, but in the good ole USA, the Democrats have him as a “rising star” – and that was before he got elected to Washington. Big Lizards pours cold water on his “glorious” past. H/T Patterico.