Real Torture

From Gateway Pundit. This is real torture. There were gasps in the audience at a press conference by female North Korean defectors in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday when Bang Mi-sun rolled up her black skirt and showed the deep ugly scars in her thighs. The event was part of North Korea Freedom Week. As soon… Continue reading Real Torture

Shoe Chucking

For all the people who were quite happy to throw shoes at Bush, calling him a dictator, not one ever got shot.

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Today’s Sherlock Holmes Moment

In Breaking News, the Olympics did not improve human rights in China. China’s human rights record worsened in some areas in 2008, the US state department concluded in its annual report on rights around the world. Gee, I wonder what gave that away? Maybe the way that the government controlled virtually everything it could to… Continue reading Today’s Sherlock Holmes Moment

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Mugabe One Sick Bastard

Robert Mugabe, Head Thug of Zimbabwe, was getting a little uncomfortable with too many foreigners coming in to help with the cholera epedemic his actions started. So, he declared that it was over. Mr Mugabe spoke as a district in neighbouring South Africa was declared a disaster area because of the spreading disease, which has… Continue reading Mugabe One Sick Bastard

Obama Lying about Ayers

No, say it isn’t true! Seems that CNN have confirmed it. Obama is playmates with a guy who loved to boom boom little kids*. * in his effort to stop the resistance against the most deadly ideology of the 20th century.

Freedom and Truth Find a Way!

This is very encouraging indeed! The Economist this week also reports on the Koreas. It notes that North Korean society is in serious flux, because of the border becoming more porous and economic changes in neighbouring countries flooding through to the country in curious ways: “Earlier this decade DVD players fell dramatically in price, so… Continue reading Freedom and Truth Find a Way!

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Tsvangirai Out

As we all know by now, Morgan Tsvangirai has pulled out of the Zimbabwe Presidential run-off. A very hard decision indeed. One is glad not to be those shoes. I was reading the coverage just now, and it made me realise how many people would arrive at the polls and have to put their life… Continue reading Tsvangirai Out