Fiji – Democracy “Not Right” for Us (Us being the Army)

ODT had the details: A day after the military chief announced he was suspending provisions of Fiji’s bill of rights and would use force against any uprising, Mr Senilagakali said Fiji did not need Western-style democracy. “That is the problem with you people democracy,” he retorted angrily when asked by the ABC if he was… Continue reading Fiji – Democracy “Not Right” for Us (Us being the Army)

Labour’s Changing Position on Self-Censorship

So is Labour for or against self censorship by the media? Cullen yesterday: Dr Cullen said TVNZ was doing its job. “News organisations cover all kinds of horrible events. “What the member is arguing is that TVNZ should engage in self-censorship on a matter of internationally public importance. Is it me, or is this quite… Continue reading Labour’s Changing Position on Self-Censorship

Pinochet – why all the harassment?

Not PC blogs on Pinochet. He makes a good point – why is there all this fuss over the guy? After all, there are far worse out there who are actually praised by the media – Castro for example. The answer is one that is sadly too common.

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Che Guevara

I do wonder about guys who have this fellow on their t-shirts. Here’s the guy who helped turn the hemisphere’s party capital into a vast forced labor and prison camp – into the place with the highest (youth) emigration and suicide rate in the hemisphere, probably in the world. In 1961 Che even established a… Continue reading Che Guevara

“We hate the USA” Club

Little Green Footballs has a roundup of The Non-Aligned Movement of developing nations’ hoedown in Cuba. Most of these guys are despicable in their own way. (I say most as India isn’t a bad guy, they just signed a nuclear deal with the US.) Plus, we all know evil always portrays itself as good. Surely,… Continue reading “We hate the USA” Club


Robert Mugabe was once one of Africa’s best leaders. Zimbabwe wasn’t totally up to western standards, but by African standards was pretty good. He was elected many times fairly. Then he started manipulating to stay in power. One thing built on another… Right now Zimbabwe is a complete mess. Hyper-inflation (bread is was last I… Continue reading Mugabe