TV3 – News Blackout

Did anyone else notice that TV3 news blacked out last night after showing jubilant Iraqis celebrating Saddam’s sentencing?

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Shaken Saddam sentenced to hang

Good. BAGHDAD: A visibly shaken Saddam Hussein was found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to hang at a lightning session of the US-backed court trying him in Baghdad. I guess it’s true then, Saddam does recognise something:

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Pentagon Rebuts Editorial In ‘Military Newspapers’ Calling For Rumsfeld Resignation

Oh, this one is nasty. Despite the official-sounding ring of “military newspapers,” these are commercial, private-sector operations owned by Gannett, the chain whose leading outlet is the left-leaning USA Today. The editorial is roughly as representative of the official military view of the Secretary as an anti-Rumsfeld rant by the New York Times. While the… Continue reading Pentagon Rebuts Editorial In ‘Military Newspapers’ Calling For Rumsfeld Resignation

NY Times On Nuke Plans

So it turns out that the NYT was trying to ping Bush for leaking nuclear secrets, by effectively How twisted is that? The worst thing is, the MSM is taking that exact angle. Sad, very sad.  Not surprising though, given that the whole “missing WMD” thing took off in the first place. I mean seriously,… Continue reading NY Times On Nuke Plans

NY Times Tries to Even Things Up – Turns out Saddam had The Bomb

Stop the ACLU points out that the NY Times was about 1 year away from making a nuke when they were invaded. Hey, maybe they’re making up for yesterday… There’s a whole bunch of quotes and links for anyone who’s interested. Here’s one: What? Wait a minute. The entire mantra of the war critics has… Continue reading NY Times Tries to Even Things Up – Turns out Saddam had The Bomb

Uncut Kerry Speech

Hot Air has the uncut Kerry speech. His gaffe is right at the start, meaning he could easily have corrected it if he had made a mistake, and no one would have paid any attention. The women who introduces him describes him as “An articulate, clear voice”. Clearly, she’d never heard of him before that… Continue reading Uncut Kerry Speech

Bush Speech

StoptheACLU has a great speech from Bush. It’s about 12 min long, and there’s a few words for Kerry at the end. But mostly you should want to watch it as it expounds Bush’s reasoning behind the War On Terror – it’s a good speech. You would never ever see this in NZ.

Iraq – We have to save her

Last weeks Herald had several articles on Iraq. I was struck by just how unsafe it was, especially for women. And the Left wants to pull all foreign troops out, leaving foreign terrorists in, of course. We can’t pull out – to do so would condemn the population of Iraq to death. It’s the weakest… Continue reading Iraq – We have to save her

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Good stuff on Iraq

This article is an interesting condemnation of the strategy employed by much of the MSM. I didn’t know, for example that the Airport-Baghdad road was now safe: Yet just two days earlier the Washington Post headlined a piece on Route Irish as follows: “Easy Sailing along Once-Perilous Road to Baghdad Airport.” It observed, “Two months… Continue reading Good stuff on Iraq

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Herald on Vietnam

Was it just my imagination, but did the Herald over the weekend publish a whole page of Vietnam/Iraq stuff without mentioning once: a) the Tet Offensive was a “last gasp” effort by the VC, and was an American victory b) Bush was making reference to the “insurgecy” trying to influence the American public Could be… Continue reading Herald on Vietnam