World Leaders Visiting Iraq

Prince Philip has visited Iraq to cheer up the troops, according to Xtra. This sort of thing is fantastic. I doubt we will see the Queen going to Iraq (they don’t even let her ride in helicopters) but the range of leaders from Britian and the USA who have visited Iraq is a amazing. We… Continue reading World Leaders Visiting Iraq

Iraq Oil Contracts

In 2003, Iraq awarded 5 contracts for exporting/drilling oil. I know this, because I saw it on the BBC. Only 2-3 of those contracts went to US companies from memory. The others went to France and Russia. I am a bit hazy on this for a good reason. I can’t find anything, anywhere on this.… Continue reading Iraq Oil Contracts

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The Daily Show

I used to watch the Daily Show a lot over the internet. I found it really funny, espeically when the took some crackpot and treated them seriously. Then Iraq was invaded, and the 2004 election was approaching. Things got more and more partisan, anti-Bush, pro Democrat etc. It was no longer funny to watch so… Continue reading The Daily Show

Al Qaeda No. 2: Bush should pop over for a drink after work

Ayman al-Zawahiri has invited Bush over to his place for a beer. Na, just kidding. He’s calling him a murder of Muslims who lies to everyone. Just the usual. I do wonder how this stuff still makes the news… Hold up, this just in: He’s also calling the pope an impostor. “This impostor, Benedict, reminds… Continue reading Al Qaeda No. 2: Bush should pop over for a drink after work