Saddam Was Tortured with Southpark

Ok, so he wasn’t tortured, but this is so funny, and something I think that only Americans solders would do. I wonder how many times they had to play it before he finally accepted that he was just going to have to put up with it? During his captivity, US marines forced Saddam, who was… Continue reading Saddam Was Tortured with Southpark

“National told to heed Obama’s green message”

I just realised what bothers me about the headline above, from the Herald. Political parties here welcomed Barack Obama’s inauguration today but Labour and the Greens also used his speech to criticise the new National Government over climate policy. Obama was sworn in as the 44th US president about 6am (NZT) in Washington. Prime Minister… Continue reading “National told to heed Obama’s green message”

Obama Changing a lot Less than You’d Think

Obama says he’s going to restore America’s place in the world. It doesn’t sound like his plan for Gitmo is going to do that. Mr Obama, who is due to be inaugurated as US president on 20 January, has repeatedly promised to close the camp, where some 250 inmates remain. Well, even Bush wanted to… Continue reading Obama Changing a lot Less than You’d Think

Shoe Chucker “Healed”

Well, it seems that yet another bogus story has been generated to make Bush, Republicans and the Iraq invasion look bad. Today we learn that those injury reports on the Sadr-loving reporter were bogus. The AP reported today: The case’s investigating judge has said the journalist was struck about the face and eyes, apparently by… Continue reading Shoe Chucker “Healed”

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Victory in Iraq Day

As per my earlier post, victory in Iraq is not like victory in WWII. In fact, it seems that it might well be here. I have felt for many months that we had already won the war, but I was spurred to action by this report from Michael Yon: “THE WAR IS OVER AND WE… Continue reading Victory in Iraq Day

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