A Very Bad Sign for Labour

Whale Oil points out that even the left wing candidates sitting for Auckland City Council are using blue as their colour. That’s how bad things are for Labour now – people are avoding even using their colour!

Yet Another Prick in Local Government

Look at this: Fred the Train’s 30 years of thrilling children at a North Shore seaside park are over. The little red engine clattered and wriggled through its last laps at Long Bay Regional Park yesterday – to the shrieks of excited children and tearful grins from drivers Barry and Judy Ware. …Landlord Auckland Regional… Continue reading Yet Another Prick in Local Government

Thank Goodness for That

One of the stupidest, most Stalinist by-law proposals ever has bit the dust. Aucklanders who enjoy staring at Dan Carter in his underwear can breathe easier after a panel of commissioners rejected a council plan to ban billboards. The panel will recommend the council allow all legally established billboards to remain but apply tougher conditions… Continue reading Thank Goodness for That

Manuaku and Tonga

I note alongside WhaleOil’s coverage of Manukau’s assistance to Tonga, that the council is advertising an Extraordinary Meeting of Council to discuss the topic. Should be a hoot. (Top right of D10)