Electoral Finance Act Mk2

Well, I didn’t march down Queen St for this. Three years after the outcry at financial restrictions on independent electoral advertising, the Labour Party has got its way. National has folded on an issue it fought from Opposition, agreeing to restrictions that differ only by degree with the spending limits legislated by the Labour Government.… Continue reading Electoral Finance Act Mk2

Key in the clear?

DPF points to the legal advice from Key’s lawyers here. The key paragraph appears to be no. 9. Mr Hodgson’s conclusion is that you still have an interest in the shares he refers to in his letter as long as Whitechapel Limited remains the owner. However, the fact that a Companies’ Office search shows that… Continue reading Key in the clear?


No Right Turn makes a fair point. The government has released some of the background geologists reports on areas it wants to remove from the protection of schedule 4 and mine. The one on the Parakawai Ecological Area [PDF] makes interesting reading. It identifies the primary resource in the area as “aggregate”. Yes, that’s right… Continue reading Spite.

Another (fake) conflict of interest?

Gosh, they do try don’t they? The Standard has a major scoop this morning, revealing Foreign minister Murray McCully’s conflict of interest over mining. McCully sits around the Cabinet table deciding on issues such as whether to mine on conservation land, and whether to boost subsidies for oil exploration. But according to the MPs’ Register… Continue reading Another (fake) conflict of interest?

“MMP Killed My Imaginary Friend”

Dimpost sort of likes the National Government 1. We didn’t get ’shock doctrined’. Our last two right-wing governments (National in ‘91, Labour in ‘84) used economic crisis as pretexts to introduce radical reforms that they didn’t campaign on and had no mandate for. It wouldn’t have been that difficult for Key and his party to… Continue reading “MMP Killed My Imaginary Friend”

Bill English and Ethics

NRT has a bash at Bill, saying he’s unethical. Bill should not have changed his affairs to claim rental allowances for a house he owned. However, he was in good company in the house, not to mention the thousands of New Zealanders who’ve arranged their affairs to maximise their various government payments. The Auditors report… Continue reading Bill English and Ethics


DPF has a post on urgency, which balances some of the more hysterical comments from certain left wing blogs. The problem of lack of time to pass Bills is not one that has just affected this government. That is why Labour is being totally hypocritical over the use of urgency. Grant Robertson and Chris Hipkins… Continue reading Urgency

Plain English Advertising

Dim Post: Also during Q & A, there was a strange TVNZ 7 ad featuring Bill English assuring us that the recession is over. The ad was ostensibly aimed at promoting a TVNZ 7 series on the economy, of course it’s really about rebuilding the Finance Minister’s image after his home accommodation scandal. Labour did… Continue reading Plain English Advertising

Key on Letterman

Well, for once I agree with The Standard. The more I think about it, the more Key’s Letterman approach is demeaning both to his office and New Zealand. Sure he did the stand up comedy competently but is that what we want our PM reduced to? A gag to be treated at best as a… Continue reading Key on Letterman