PM as Minister

An observation from Bryan Spondre at Gotcha! today: It is interesting that Helen Clark chose to be associated with the arts by becoming Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage while John Key has taken on tourism. By becoming arts minister, Helen was making sure she kept a very vocal sector on side. There is no… Continue reading PM as Minister

English and Dipton

I spent several hours thinking about Bill English’s situation the other day. Clearly, his family is in Wellington. So what is the difference between her situation and Phillida Bunkle? Then, watching a report that night it was mentioned that Phillida Bunkle was caught claiming allowances she was not entitled to (though it seems reading around… Continue reading English and Dipton

5. Eating Disorders—Services in Northern Region

Browsing through yesterday’s questions I noticed this. Hon Ruth Dyson: How is the Associate Minister’s commitment to eating disorders backed up by his decision to have pies and candyfloss in, and apples out, of schools? Since National didn’t kick apples out of schools, that’s a stupid question. Hon Dr JONATHAN COLEMAN: I am very surprised… Continue reading 5. Eating Disorders—Services in Northern Region

Well, Well, Well

Haven’t said anything about the Worth saga, as I haven’t been bothered. I mean, John Key found out he was under investigation and sacked him. He’s under criminal investigation. What more to say? But now things are getting interesting, because one of the complainants has been outed, as not just an “Activists” but an actual… Continue reading Well, Well, Well

Budget – No More Tax Cuts

Well, it is disappointing that our tax cuts have been removed. Unfortunately, something had to go in order to keep the government’s books from getting worse. While tax rate cuts can deliver greater revenues, to be responsible in the meantime spending has to be cut and the political reality is that this just isn’t possible.… Continue reading Budget – No More Tax Cuts

Maden Speaches

I saw this on The Standard and I thought it didn’t sound right. Steven Joyce, our new Transport Minister, chose a somewhat different approach.[to Steve Pierson‘s ideal maiden speech] He started, yes started, his first speech as an MP and as a minister by attacking an ordinary New Zealander who had dared to question him.… Continue reading Maden Speaches

Dear John,

Dear John, I am pleased that you have rushed through law changes which make it easier for people without previous work history to gain employment. I am also particularly pleased at your removing money from 40 year lock down in Kiwisaver and returning it instead to the pockets of those who paid it – those… Continue reading Dear John,

Bad National

I’m not very happy with National. They appear to have squandered much of their goodwill by pushing through bills under urgency. Now, in some cases the complaints are simply idiotic – the 90 day probation bill went through select committee in the last parliament, and was well known as a National policy, so there’s no… Continue reading Bad National