The Investigate Non-Story

I purchased Investigate yesterday. I’ve never done that before – although people have thought I subscribed owing to my being so well informed through reading blogs 😛 The Peter David thing – here’s the thing. It’s not a non-story. It’s a non. There’s a paragraph at the end of the editorial. It says nothing. In… Continue reading The Investigate Non-Story

Plamegate implodes

Remember how Rove was going to be indited? Indeed – to quote Instapundit (who gets the hat tip for this one) Far from being part of an orchestrated plot or a vast White House conspiracy, Plame’s unmasking was simply the handiwork of that Washington, D.C., staple, an insider with a big mouth. The culprit was… Continue reading Plamegate implodes

Insolent Prick

Well, that’s his name! I’ve just added Insolent Prick to my blogroll after reading some of his comments in the Just Left blog – really great stuff. Have a look at his blog, especially “Sinister Elements: Pete’s Story” on a National party donor. Have to agree, it’s scary how Labour are able to treat people… Continue reading Insolent Prick

What Labour needs to do

Jordan, in his post “A Line in the Sand” says: And so where do we go from here? Brash needs to go. National can’t win an election with him in place. The sooner he goes the sooner National can try and start backing out of the cul de sac he has backed them into. While… Continue reading What Labour needs to do

Campbell Live & Close Up tonight

Watched Campbell Live, as they were promising interviews with both leaders. Then found Close Up were offering a head to head – think I caught most of it. Campbell Live got separate interview with each. Naturally, each blamed each other. Helen also got off a good shot about “big money” “buying policies”. Someone please tell… Continue reading Campbell Live & Close Up tonight

So what DID Ahmadinejad say?

The media are silent: As of noon at ABC News, it is as if Ahmadinejad never spoke, as their was no reference to his address in front of the United Nations on their Web site’s front page, and is notably absent from the headlines of their political section as well. I had to search Google… Continue reading So what DID Ahmadinejad say?