Finally Found It

Finally found the quote I was looking for last week. Contrast this with our current government: George Washington, who took pride in his self-control, lost his temper completely when someone told him that a decision he was going to make could cost him re-election as President. He blew up at the suggestion that he wanted… Continue reading Finally Found It

And the Award Goes to

The award for “Almost Justifying The Unjustifiable” goes to… “Just Left” “These are not personal comments. Don Brash in person is mild mannered and inoffensive. Whatever he does in his personal life is his business. “ Glad we cleared that up.

The older I get…

I went to the hair salon today. Revitalised myself with a cut and colour. Plus hair straightening. After all, I turned 30 yesterday and felt like a change. Well I certainly got that! I feel like a new women. It’s fabulous. I find going to the hair salon very therapeutic. And at my age I… Continue reading The older I get…

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