9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Not PC has a theory on why conspiracy theories are so attractive. Both conspiracy “theories” and real theories purport to explain things, says Lester, but the chief difference psychologically between them — given that the chief difference in reality is that conspiracy theories are patent nonsense — is that “real theories mean work. It takes… Continue reading 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Al Qaeda No. 2: Bush should pop over for a drink after work

Ayman al-Zawahiri has invited Bush over to his place for a beer. Na, just kidding. He’s calling him a murder of Muslims who lies to everyone. Just the usual. I do wonder how this stuff still makes the news… Hold up, this just in: He’s also calling the pope an impostor. “This impostor, Benedict, reminds… Continue reading Al Qaeda No. 2: Bush should pop over for a drink after work


Stop The ACLU has an interesting article on interrogation. A Quote:  Indeed, torture does not work. Anyone, including someone with no technical training in interrogation procedures and/or methodology, can get results from anyone who has been subjected to enough pain, be it physical or mental: they will tell their torturer anything they think he wants… Continue reading Interrogation

Clinton Interview

Fox News hits back at criticism. They’ve also pointed out that the had asked the Bush administration “that question“. It’s a fact that few are prepared to give Clinton a tough interview.

Bin Laden, Dead?

Dead or alive? Most likely alive, reports are that “chatter” hasn’t gone up which you would expect if this was the case. I’d rather we caught him, or dropped a large bomb on him – either’s good!

5 Years Since 9/11

It’s now 5 years since 9/11. Of course, here in New Zealand, it was the 12th when we learnt about it all. Where was I? I woke up to the sound of National Radio as I always have. Now, I’m usually half-awake at this time so the news can get a bit jumbled. So when… Continue reading 5 Years Since 9/11