Rare Snails & Coal

Turns out the snails on top of $400m worth of coal aren’t so rare. I suspect the real reason everyone is so up in arms about them more that they don’t want the coal burnt. The real reason they don’t want the coal burnt is they are fixated on the old image of coal fired… Continue reading Rare Snails & Coal

Human Rights

The team “Human Rights” has always bothered me, but I’ve never been able to put my finger on why. Then the other day, I finally did – it was simple. Human rights is used by anyone with an agenda – it’s completely overused. It could mean being arrested for praying in China. Or it could… Continue reading Human Rights

What’s happened to the real issues?

I pulled gladwrap off a hot dish in the microwave and burnt my finger with the steam. Over an hour later, and after sitting it in a glass of water it still stings like heck! In fact I am wondering if typing is making it worse. But though I’ll survive, what if I had injured… Continue reading What’s happened to the real issues?