Offensive Content – the Kiwiblog Files

After the election, I removed these pages. I have now decided to put them back.


Well, on the left there are two reasons. First, some are trying to re-write history. These pages help show that history for what it was as it was seen at the time.

Second, Helen Clark claims to have no regrets during her time in government. Having put together these pages, I would suggest that there are some quite significant things that she should be regretting.

But it’s also a message to the right to be consistent in the way we expect government to behave, regardless of whether we agree with it.

An update on the original introduction is below

These pages are a collection of links to Kiwiblog posts on things you might have forgotten Labour got up to, that DPF recorded on his blog at the time. I have started in July 2003 when his blog started, and will eventually work my way through to the election.

I initially started compiling a list of misdemeanors (and felonies!) of the Labour party over the years from memory and random sources but the list turned out to be far larger than I expected, and the job of referencing quite daunting (Google doesn’t do that well with material from several years ago), so I decided to take another tack and record on a time line basis from a blog – Kiwiblog – with references to the posts in question.

Why KiwiBlog? Well, it’s not the oldest blog, but it is the oldest, easily accessible, frequent-posting blog that actually criticizes the Labour government on a regular basis. It also helps that it’s now wildly popular [and DPF has some great inside sources]. It’s possible that other blogs’ posts might be added later. [Later note: since first writing this, many of those older blogs such as have disappeared. Another advantage of Kiwiblog – it’s still running and should be for some time.]

Unfortunately, many of the posts have actually outlasted the source material! Herald links are still good, although some of the earlier links need to be changed to the new format that appears to have been introduced in 2004. If you have trouble, copy the number on the Herald link and go into a recent story and copy over the number in the URL.

I’ve also sprinkled some other items throughout to keep it interesting!

This is very much a work in progress, over time it will be extended and refined.  Please note changes will not necessarily be noted as such. I’m more than happy to accept help.

Pages will be added below as they are reviewed.



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