OCKF 2003

July 2003

  • Failed to seek accountability after newzealand.com farce
  • Failed to seek accountability after Immigration “lie in unison” scandal.
  • Dalziel lies about the arrival of suspected terrorist.
    • Immigration Department Spokesperson also lied to the Ombudsman
  • Cullen called English racist for calling for legislation to exert exclusive crown ownership of the beaches and seabed
  • Allowed criminals to get parole after only one third of their sentence, and claimed that this was a response to “Tougher Sentences” referendum.
    • “The Act has also been so badly put together that not even the Court of Appeal can work out what it means.”
  • Government giving business to businesses they own

August 2003

  • “Despite the “unambigious” opinion of the Solictor-General that Dynhoven’s seat fell vacant on 11 June, Wilson voted to over-ride the opinion of her own legal Chief Executive in a shocking display of partisanship.”
  • “We now have a precedent that the Government can retrospectively amend the electoral act to avoid an election, because the timing is politically inconvenient.”
  • “Clark has already shown a willingness to have an early election on the filmiest of grounds (that seven minutes a day of points or order were making the Government unmanageable), and now she has cancelled an election on equally flimsy grounds.” [And the EFA is 4 years off!!!- S1]
  • Conflict of interest with Brian Edwards hosting a radio show paid for by the government while advising the PM.
  • PM caught lying aboutCorngate
  • “Now today we find out that Ms Hobbs has not even read the [corngate] Nicky Hager book, yet this did not stop her claiming “Mr Hager’s book has all the facts wrong, his claims are wrong””

September 2003

  • Shane Arden to be prosecuted, while violent crime increases
  • Newstalk ZB giving PM a free platform for political views
  • Cover-up by Secretary of Labour
  • Three Signs that Helen is getting rattled
  • PM takes credit for saving NZ’s international reputation (over the Paul Homes “cheeky darkie” comments)
  • Jim Anderton waves off serious concerns with the Trans-Tasman relationship. “I think he’s right out of touch with reality myself.”
  • Shane Ardern driving a tractor up a few steps (at a rally which had official permission to protest there) is disorderly behaviour but a group of women strip off their shirts and yell abuse at MPs while chanting songs in the debating chamber is not.

October 2003

  • Supreme Court passed by bare majority, in spite of 80% of country wanting a poll. PM states it is not a major constitutional change.

November 2003

December 2003

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