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The following is intended to become a list of misdoings by our current government. It is very much a work in progress. The aim is to eventually have all items hyperlinked to sources, but this will take some time.

It’s intention is to show how the current government is placing itself above the law, and reshaping NZ to be a country radically different to that which it started with.

Former occupations are recorded against the person’s name, as well as membership of significant lobby groups.

Suggestions welcome. Please limit comments to issues pertaining to this page.

More background information, especially union links here.

Helen Clark (University Lecturer)

  • “Benign strategic environment”
  • Breached protocol in the Queen’s presence.
  • Insulted Christianity, but quite happy to respect other religions
  • Forged Signature on Painting
  • Had Staff Destroy Evidence, not prosecuted
  • Chief Participant in Motorcade incident, but claimed not to notice. Not prosecuted
  • Referred to John Yelash as a murderer, Yelash sued Clark for defamation, resulting in an out-of-court settlement. (Wikipedia, Helen Clark)
  • Source of media story leading to the downfall of Police commissioner
  • Outed 2 Israeli agents, effectively giving them a death sentence
  • Setup a toothless investigation into wrongdoing by Tito Philip Field, which after 9 months wasted thousands of public money for no conclusive result.
  • Refused to act on results of inquiry that were conclusive
  • Degraded office of speaker by appointing Margaret Wilson, her own friend with little parliamentary experience and none in opposition.
  • Gave long-serving but little-doing outgoing speaker honour equating him with top 20 living NZer’s
  • Linked to leaking of newsreader’s salary
  • Accused of leading the second most corrupt government in NZ history
  • Viciously attacked Kevin Brady, the Controller and Auditor-General to try and stop him from finding her government corrupt
  • Asked for personal attacks to end then in the same breath called Leader of the Opposition “Cancerous and corrosive”
  • Asked NZ public to help pay back money she stole
  • Accused of interfering in independent authority, particularly Electricity Commission.
  • Accused of misleading Parliament on at least one occasion
  • Attacked leader of her own (union) supporters striking under her labour law(unions)
  • Failed to act on allegations that one of her ministers was a member of a BDSM club
  • Smirked at minister (Mallard) threatening to dish dirt on the opposition, but later claimed she was dismayed by this act
  • Described a major newspaper columnist a “right wing blogger“, apparently not understanding what a “blogger” is.
  • Fully supported outlawing normal forms of parental discipline (use of force for correction), without respect for social outcomes, or the wishes of 84% of the NZ public, after explicitly stating she would not.
  • Promised “20 hours free childcare” at crèches, but continued to claim it was free long after that claim was clearly false.

General/Not assigned yet

  • Shut down Air Force strike wing, and has failed to sell old equipment and failed to revise position after “strategic environment” became less “benign” on 9/11.
  • “Gone By Lunchtime” – revealed private opposition comments via the civil service for political gain.
  • Sent “Eviction” letters to state house tenants falsely claiming that this would be National’s policy. HNZ later sent real eviction notices by mistake.
  • Voted against endorsing the the traditional family as the foundation of society at the UN, with the result of seriously undermining New Zealand’s standing with many UN countries
  • Passed law removing protection for workplaces for disabled people, reducing those disabled people from productive employees to effectively infants
  • Used public money for election campaigns
  • Lied about use of public money
  • Explicitly voted in Parliament to shut down a lawsuit against the government over theft of public money
  • Wiped billions off NZ’s largest public company and mum and dad investor’s portfolios
  • Wants to fund all elections and party expenses from public purse
  • Removed management of what was NZ’s most effective prison
  • Refused to change tax law so millionaires can give away their fortunes to charity without being penalized, forcing at least one to take their charity overseas to the detriment of local charities

Michael Cullen (University Lecturer)

  • Incited commitment of crime by National Party while Attorney General
  • Refused to offer tax cuts, even after running record surpluses year after year Accused reporters of letting personal desire for tax cuts cloud personal judgement.
  • Tried to stop the NZ Herald from attacking the government by hinting that tax changes could be withdrawn at the newspaper’s detriment
  • Has a habit of “correcting” people who are unquestionably experts
  • Implemented legislation that may cut off tax free status of charities that criticize the government
  • Preference for big-state solution to everything,
  • record spend-ups & growth in public sector
  • Appoints Allan Bollard and sets policy with the eventual result of 9% mortgage rates, with the dollar at an all time high, forcing exporters out of the country.
  • WFF package put 50% of NZ families on govt welfare rather than giving back excessive taxation
  • Offered “chewing gum” tax cuts, but later withdrew in a whim
  • Gave a long-overdue tax cut to business but with the other hand slapped them with massive costs with Kiwi Saver.
  • Refuses to correct tax bracket creep

Steve Mahary

Phil Goff

  • Suggested lowering age of consent to 12

Chris Carter (Gay Lobby, Teacher)

  • Abused his power by turning down an application for a marina at Whangamata, when the environment court had OK’ed after hearing all sides. Decision was overturned.

Damian O’Connor (Farming & Tourism)

  • Failed to resign after massive failings within his corrections portfolio lead to the death of Liam Ashley
  • Failed again to resign after another prisoner died, apparently due to no changes being made to corrections transport policy.

David Benson Pope (Teacher)

  • Prima Facie Case made for assaulting students while teacher, not prosecuted.
  • Claimed that no complaints had ever been laid against him while a teacher, were contradicted by a student who had received a written apology
  • Lied to Parliament over the same cases, not punished for what is normally a serious offence (See Margaret Wilson)
  • Regarded as a bully by many
  • “Panty slut boy” – alleged to be member of BDSM club, allegations ignored to date
  • Now forswears corporal punishment, despite unparalleled breakdown of discipline in schools (579 teachers assaulted last year, tens of thousands expelled)
  • Used police to collect money he considered to have been owed, and lied about it. (See here and here)

Trevor Mallard (Teacher/Student?)

David Parker (Businessman)

  • Lied to companies office.When revealed resigned AG post, then later other portfolios
  • Investigation revealed that he lied in a different way than thought (but still defiantly lied), and was re-instated, but not to AG post.
  • Document used to prove “innocence” is almost certainly a forgery (Absolute Power)

Pete Hodgson (Vet/Teacher)

  • Assaulted a protester in Dunedin during election campaign. Protester was trying to hold up anti-Clark poster for TV cameras to see. Hodgson claims she was going to assault Clark, even though she was not even close. Not prosecuted.
  • That dance – a serious breach of good taste

Philip Field (Unionist)

  • Accused of selling help with immigration and other matters
  • Accused of telling witness to lie to investigators
  • Only removed from the Labour party after suggesting he would stand for Parliament regardless of the outcome of investigation

Margaret Wilson (Lawyer, Unionist, Party Official)

  • Personal Friend of PM
  • List-only MP, entered into cabinet immediately
  • As Attorney-General, put politics ahead of law and overrode the opinion of the Solicitor-General, deciding that Harry Dynhoven had not resigned when he clearly had.
  • Appointed speaker in spite of severe lack of parliamentary experience, including time in parliament, and complete lack of time in opposition.
  • Ignored assault by Trevor Mallard on Bob “The Builder” Clarkson, suggesting he should “wear a helmet”.
  • Appears to have been the source of a serious leak of a report into stolen public money by (mainly Labour) MPs.
  • Asked Rodney Hyde to “withdraw any reflection on my integrity conveyed in your remarks”, after Hyde suggested in Parliament that Margaret Wilson should force Labour to pay stolen public money back
  • “Punished the messenger” after media publicised New Zealand First MP Ron Mark repeatedly making a rude gesture in the house

Tim Barnett (Gay Lobby)

  • Entered parliament after living in the country only 5 years (Wikipedia, Tim Barnett)
  • Likened referendums (presumably by extension democracy also) to “mob rule
  • Legalized prostitution, including pimping.
  • Created a fraudulent copy of marriage for gay couples in the form of Civil Unions, generating 95% “against” in select committee submissions.

Lianne Dalziel (Unionist)

  • “Dalziel leaked the notes of the teenager’s lawyer to the TV3 television station, attempting to discredit the teenager’s case for asylum.” (Wikipedia, Lianne Dalziel)
  • “Dalziel tried to avoid admitting to being the source of the documents, but was forced to admit it had been at her direction.” (Wikipedia, Lianne Dalziel)
  • She resigned from Cabinet on 20 February 2004, but was reinstated as a Minister following Labour’s return to office after the 2005 elections. (Wikipedia, Lianne Dalziel)
  • Accused “powerful interests” of trying to shut down a securities commission investigation without any evidence.

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  1. Hansard 10 April: Rt Hon Helen Clark: “I repeat that this Government does not tolerate corruption, nor has any New Zealand Government ever tolerated corruption. All allegations will be investigated”.
    A complaint, 16 April 2003, listing 8 complaints against corrupt New Zealand Police was “buried”

  2. Goff : Suggested lowering age of consent to 12
    Some fool (Goff?): Lowered drinking age

    Tim Barnett: Legalized prostitution, based on ideology, without respect for social outcomes
    David Benson-Pope + Tim Barnett: Recognized Civil Unions, based on ideology, without respect for social outcomes

    David Benson-Pope: Education Minister whose teaching career is a mockery. Thinks corporal punishment = sadistic violence, according to his own sordid history.
    David Benson-Pope: Now forswears corporal punishment, despite unparalleled breakdown of discipline in schools (579 teachers assaulted last year, tens of thousands expelled)

    Trevor Mallard: Ignored NCEA concerns

    Michael Cullen: Preference for big-state solution to everything, record spend-ups & growth in public sector, leaving Alan Bollard to try & cool the overheating economy
    Michael Cullen: Invented WFF package to put 50% of NZ families on govt payroll; Role of family breadwinner is eroded.
    Michael Cullen: Refuses to repeal GST on essential / staple / healthy foodstuffs
    Michael Cullen: “chewing gum” budget
    Michael Cullen: Promotes parsimonious demeanour, refusing to relieve taxpayer burden. As living expenses rise, taxpayers have less to spend, but government has never been so wealthy
    Michael Cullen: Tax Bracket creep
    Michael Cullen: Dollar way overvalued by currency speculators, exporters go under
    Michael Cullen: Housing way overvalued by property speculators, first home buyers go overseas

  3. Helen Clark: Outlawed normal forms of parental discpline (use of force for correction), without respect for social outcomes, or the wishes of 84% of the NZ public
    Helen Clark: Promised “20 hours free childcare” at creches, while parents go off to work. An unworkable policy and reveals a preference for State childcare over full-time Parents.
    MSD: seems to apply policy inconsistently; funds creches for a FEW children at the expense of Playcentres that serve MANY children

  4. Under David Benson Pope you left off the $35 incident where during the furore over the police sending taxi cabs instead of patrol cars in response to 111 calls he took an officer and a patrol car off the road to deliver a cleaning bill totalling $35 over an incident where no laws were broken, it was not vandalism or bill sticking so the police should not have been involved.

    When challenged the police said that they would do this sort of debt collection for any member of the public. As Tui would say, Yeah Right.

    Google $35 Benson Pope Flannagan and the Hansards records where Ron Mark called BP on it in the house should come up.

    There was a bit on kiwiblog here too:

    Also a bit on my blog including a link to the BDSM matter as well.

  5. Have not insisted on an update of IRD IT systems to accommodate theose paying child support weekly or fortnightly.

  6. Frank, whilst I would normally agree with you in this instance Clark is right in saying she ^ her government do not tolerate corruption – they positively encourage it in thier efforts to retain power at all costs. Time for a truth & retribution tribunal i think!

  7. How about – Opened her gob about the result of US presidential election which meant she had to make up for her gaffe by putting NZ servicemen lives on the line in Afghanistan.

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