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1080 and bad journalism

Just heard for the second time the TV3 report on the 1080 troubles.

They describe all the attacks that the anti group have been up to then state that there are “growing safety concerns on both sides”.

What the??!?

Most of the “growing” safety concerns would go away immediately if these clowns stopped creating them.

Perhaps if that happened the debate could go back to the pros and cons of dumping poison from airplanes to kill noxious pests.

In fact, the report seemed spend a lot of time on the protesters views, while brushing over the dangerous, illegal and deadly actions that they have been encouraging.

Ok, here’s the report

One thing that 1080 does not kill, is the ongoing desire of hundreds of West Coasters to have it banned.

No doubt a very vocal and very small minority.

Dan Lane says he has been trespassed from observing 1080 operations because of his opposition to the deadly poison

“We’ve obviously been kicked out so that we can’t carry on our operations to make sure that these guys are doing the right job,” Mr Lane said.

Yea, that dog your group killed clearly had nothing to do with it!

In recent weeks 1080 has been the focus of vocal opposition in Greymouth, pellets have been dumped on public buildings in Nelson and Wellington, while another incident has landed a West Coast man in court charged with assaulting a 1080 contractor.

Or maybe that might also have influenced the decision?

There is increasing concern from both sides of the 1080 debate. After the poisoning of a 1080 contractor’s dog last month, animal health board employees are being accompanied on operations by security staff.

The Animal Health Board says it is going to push on with the drops.

Dog Poisoned by 1080 “Protesters”

Well, well well. I wonder if this counts as better or worse than throwing excrement?

The campaign on the West Coast against 1080 poison has taken a sinister turn after a dog belonging to a Greymouth pest control officer was allegedly poisoned.

It is believed 1080 pellets were poked through a ute canopy as the family pet sat inside.

Senior Sergeant Tom Firmin, of Greymouth police, confirmed they were investigating an incident involving the use of 1080 to kill an animal.

He was appalled at the killing, which he said was “totally unacceptable”.

He would not comment further while inquiries were continuing.

The dog owner was also reluctant to comment publicly.

The man had left his 10-year-old huntaway, a family pet as well a working dog, in an enclosed ute at a supermarket car park.

When he arrived home the dog started convulsing and vomiting green fluid. A quick inspection of the vehicle revealed traces of 1080 in the back.

Aware the dog had absorbed a lethal dose, and not wanting to further alarm his children, the owner bundled it back into the vehicle, took it to a private spot and used a rifle to put it out of its misery.

The guy was just a worker, he had no power whatsoever to change 1080 policy.

1080 protesters are not a logical bunch at the best of times, but it seems that too many aren’t stopping to think about what they’re doing. This act for one is going to garner them no sympathy whatsoever.

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