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Herald Poll – First Glance

This morning’s Herald Poll is a dosey:

The poll, with a margin of error of 4.4 per cent, shows National is emerging unscathed from the period of political mudslinging and revelations about the Brethren. It also shows that Dr Brash’s rating as preferred Prime Minister is rising and Helen Clark’s is falling.


Asked if Dr Brash was right to call Labour corrupt, 51.8 per cent said yes and 38.4 per cent said no.

This is interesting, especially as it doesn’t include the refusal to pay the money back. That I suspect would drive the numbers far higher.

Cut the Baby in Half

Just reading another Thomas Sowell article.

A thought occurred on compromises.

It really annoys me when people approach a conflict with the idea that there is always fault on both sides. Like the latest political beat-up.

If you don’t know about Solomon and the baby dispute, read up on it – it’s classic.

You can’t always compromise – there are cases where on side is simply in the wrong.

It’s often the one making the most noise – the one willing to stand back for the sake of what’s precious is the better person.

And at the moment, that person is Brash.

Pay it Back.

Rorted the Hypothetical System?

Let’s put aside what happened or didn’t happen for a moment.

Let’s suppose a party went out deliberately and completely and utterly routed the system in order to win an election. Let’s say to over a million dollars worth of taxpayer’s money.

What would happen?


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