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‘Three strikes’ law will kill, just like Preventative Detention

Ok, so prison officer unions are telling us that inmates sentenced under 3 strikes will kill, since they’ll have no reason not to.

The new “three strikes” law could see prison officers murdered on the job, the Corrections Association says.

Association president Bevan Hanlon said prisoners serving life sentences would have nothing to lose by being violent behind bars.

“The whole point is there is no carrot under this new [law],” Mr Hanlon said.

Nice theory.

Perhaps Mr Hanlon could back that up with some facts. Facts such as…

  1. How many officers have been lost due to 3 strikes in other jurisdictions? California’s data should be easily enough available, how about starting there?
  2. How may officers were killed before we did away with corporal punishment? Surely that’s not so long ago as all that.
  3. And finally, (assuming going back in time or to another country is too hard) how many officers have been killed in prisons by prisoners on preventative detention, a sentence harsher than most that will be handed down under this policy?

Well, how many?

Make a few phone calls and get back to us. Get the data. Then, we’ll take you seriously.

One more thing.

But Prof Newbold said the new law opens the way for huge inconsistencies in sentencing.

He said an offender who committed two assaults and a murder – in that order – would be locked up for life, because the maximum sentence for murder was life imprisonment.

But the new law would mean that someone who committed murder and then two assaults would only serve the maximum penalty for assault, a sentence length that varies depending on the attack but does not carry a life sentence.

Gee, so someone with an esclating pattern of behaviour will be treated more harshly than someone who is de-escalating?

Goodness, how unfair!


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