9/11 Moonbats – A missile hit WTC-2

Good grief, there are now people who honestly believe that a missile hit WTC-2. What evidence do they have? Why, camera angles that don’t show a plane! And I thought it was established that Kyle from South Park was responsible for 9/11. Shows how much I know. But on a lighter note, here’s someone willing… Continue reading 9/11 Moonbats – A missile hit WTC-2

“Hey, We did 9/11” – al-Zawahri

Heh, had to happen sooner or later. Al-Qaida is claiming that the conspiracy theories about 9/11 being orchestrated by Bush are… a conspiracy theory to make it look like his outfit aren’t to be taken seriously. “The purpose of this lie is clear — (to suggest) that there are no heroes among the Sunnis who… Continue reading “Hey, We did 9/11” – al-Zawahri