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Absolute Power Going Strong

I was listening briefly to Ian Wishart defend himself on “The Panel” on National Radio this afternoon. He seemed to do very well against Helen’s previous biographer!

It’s been pointed out on his blog that Absolute Power is the headline title in Bennetts, just over the road from the Beehive.

One can’t help feel just a little sorry for Hagar. Wishart’s going to help bring down an entire government without breaking the law. Hagar broke the law, and can at best claim the scalp of the Leader of the Opposition.

I wonder which one will be remembered?

Absolute Power still Absolutely Popular

Speaking of Ian Wishart, I just checked out the Dymocks site. Absolute Power is the no. 2 book being sold in NZ across all categories.

It’s enough to make you wonder how many books Hager might have sold had his book not been based on stolen material and made up interpretations.

I guess the list to the right might not mean much to some people, (well, it’s not no. 1 after all) but it’s going to sound pretty bad to Ms Clark on election night.

Come to think of it, the fact that I can’t name that date today, 5 months into the election time controls, plus the fact that only Helen herself knows when that date might be, speaks volumes as to the truth of the books title.

Absolute Power Flying Out

Ian reports that his book, Absolute Power, is the #1 non-fiction book in NZ.

Congratulations Ian, it’s long overdue and clearly desperately needed.

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