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Things must be bad for the left in the US…

…when in order to defend ACORN, a columnist has to resort to simply turning a blind eye to the facts.

Peter Dreier’s op-ed about ACORN in the L.A. Times is so filled with inaccuracies it’s hard to know where to start. Let’s start with Dreier’s false statements about the recent ACORN videos:

Two “gotcha” right-wing activists showed up at about 10 ACORN offices hoping to entice low-level staff to provide tax advice for an illegal prostitution ring. In most ACORN offices, the staff kicked the pair out. In a few cities, staffers called the police. In two offices, however, the staff listened and offered to help. That was wrong. But ACORN immediately fired the errant staffers.


Let’s bypass the edited Philadelphia video for now.

DRJ has painstakingly documented the release of ACORN videos in San Diego, in San Bernardino, in Brooklyn, in Washington, D.C., and in Baltimore.

Watch the videos. ACORN employees are seen advising two young people on how to hide money from the federal government, misrepresent the nature of their business on tax forms, and so forth. They repeatedly shrug at explicit descriptions of a prostitution ring involving girls 13-15 years old smuggled across the border.

Heck, even the Daily Show had a better grasp on the facts.

What’s more, in the post on the San Diego video, you can see Andrew Breitbart categorically state that, as DRJ put it, “no ACORN office kicked James and Hannah out based on the fact that they were doing something nefarious.” I have seen no proof to the contrary. What I have seen is ACORN claiming that happened — and then videos appearing from those cities proving ACORN wrong.

So not only does he ignore the sheer number of videos released, but he ignores the fact that they utterly refute ACORNs earlier claims. What’s worse, telling a lie, or repeating something that’s been refuted as fact? No contest there.

Fact is, ACORN is a thoroughly corrupt organization. They have an extensive history of voter fraud, with employees and branches investigated and indicted all over the country for various crimes.

This is not just a few bad apples, anyone who has followed this story for more than a few seconds knows that way more than two offices offered legal advice to cover up child prostitution.

I’m sure they so some good somewhere but defending them by such obvious falsehoods is just bizarre.

Right to be Dumb

Heh, this is quote of the day. ACORN is filing suit, claiming…

“While everyone, including them, agrees that some of the things they said were dumb, in Maryland we have a right to say dumb things in the privacy of our homes and offices without fear of being taped and without fear of being splashed all over the Internet.”

Remember, by “dumb” they mean “endorsing enslavement of underage girls for sexual purposes”.

Oh, and here’s a bit of satire on the ACORN stings.

It was quite surprising to see how O’Keefe and Giles — dressed in ridiculous outfits that shouldn’t have fooled anyone and having such over-the-top horrible intentions like underage prostitution — were able to get so much friendly help from so many different ACORN offices. But after that success they kept trying again with even more ridiculous costumes and evil intentions to see if there was anything that ACORN would not approve.

Here are their results:

The Sting: O’Keefe and Giles, along with a Pekingese and a Chihuahua dressed up as pit bulls, approached an ACORN office for advice on getting a place large enough to house a dogfighting ring. They also asked if the community would be likely to call the cops on them if they started stealing puppies from children.

The Result: The staffer seemed unfazed and only asked if they’d be willing to pass out literature on Democratic candidates during their exhibitions.

The Sting: O’Keefe and Giles dressed up as hardened drug dealers and contacted an ACORN office for help finding a place to set up a meth lab. They also specified that they wanted it to be near an elementary school so they wouldn’t have to travel far for sales.

The Result: They were turned away, and the ACORN employee told them ACORN had already helped set up numerous meth labs near the elementary schools and the community just couldn’t support any more competition in that area.

The Sting: O’Keefe and Giles dressed up as Charles Manson and Squeaky Fromme and asked for help finding a place where they wouldn’t have to worry about anyone hearing screams from the basement.

The Result: They were advised to not list their occupation as “psychotic killers intent on causing apocalyptic race war” and instead use “performance artists.”

Obama Group Submits 5000 Voter Registrations, 100% Fake Check Rate

This is simply awful – a 100% fraud rate after checking 2100 of 5000 registrations submitted. We now know why the Dems complain so hard about voter fraud – they use it to win, so why don’t the other side?

For those who don’t know, Obama did his “Community Organising” for this outfit.

From CNN:

They’ve also tried to register Mickey Mouse.

Investigate Acorn

Heh, this would be a very good idea for Bush to follow up on.

Americans for Limited Government today announced the launching of a new nationwide campaign,, urging President Bush to investigate allegations of serious wrongdoing by the left-wing community action organization ACORN.

“With the launching of, and a massive outreach efforts to grassroots activists nationwide,” ALG president Bill Wilson said, “we are today asking the President to defend our country by launching immediate investigations into a wide range of possible ACORN illegal activities.

“These range from voter fraud, for which ACORN has already been implicated in more than a dozen states this year alone, to the pivotal role ACORN played in bringing about the financial collapse Americans are enduring today.”

I can just see Bush at the press conference…
“Oh, did you just say that Obama trained the guys doing all this illegal and unethical stuff? You don’t say!”

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