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South Canterbury Finance

One pannel on a web advertisement for SCF seen on Yahoo Xtra.

I guess the stress comes later….

Gutherie Bowron – 35% off from now on!

35percentoff.jpgGutherie Bowron must be closing down. Well, if they weren’t before, they are now (and before they do, they need to kick the idiot who approved this very, very hard).

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s no date expiry on this add. That means that anyone with a copy of this add can walk into the shop for evermore and demand their 35% off Colour Your World paint, or wallpaper for ever. That’s a great way to get long term customers, but not a good recipe for long term profitability.

I guess their best idea would be to run some sort of rolling specials system, where everything is always on some sort of special.

I’d give an even chance we haven’t heard the last of this one.

Inner Beauty

I want to be like you

but you are just like me

Maybe I’ll stay an unchanged woman

But would I be happy as I am?

You see, every time I jump on the scales, I wish they were broken so I wouldn’t have to know my weight. Every time I look in the mirror I wish I could see a different version of myself…

But then there’s the magazine article about what’s-her-name and that diet that’s done wonders. It seems short lived when only a few weeks later we read about her weight woes and then later her “magical transformation” with before and after photos and her special “ten steps to diet success” – Yes you can have a body like her’s too! (more…)

No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted

What do you look like when you get up? After putting on make up and doing your hair, do you still feel like you need something else? A little touch up with photoshop perhaps? No digs at Helen Clark intended here. We all know what it like to wake up looking like something the cat dragged in. And, if we are to be honest, sometimes make up and a quick flick with the hair brush and dollop of gel scrunched through is not always enough. Who wouldn’t want to look like that fashion model on the front of that mag that we know we have all seen at one time or another? It may not necessarily be the same model or same mag we were looking at but at the end of the day it is all the same thing: they all have something that we want, and if they can have it, why can’t we? (more…)

A is for Apple, B is for Bizarre

Have you seen the latest New World Ad?

According to the lady on the Ad, the best things about friends is you can make new ones. So her friend, lets call him Adam, hangs out with her for a while. Then while they are sitting on the couch, she picks him up and eats him. Later it’s: “Hello”. She makes a new friend, lets call her Ann. If you haven’t seen the ad, Adam and Ann are Apples (as in the fruit, not computers).

I don’t know what the ad is supposed to do to me. Should I be feeling sorry for the apple? Or should I be feeling sorry for the lady? After all, who do you know who has a fruit as a friend. Hey I know it’s just an ad. It left me scratching my head, Ahh, but not for long. A really funny thing is that directly after the New World ad is an ad advertising bread where a lady (different from first ad, but not sure that could be possible) eats a sandwich and then falls off a cliff and lands flat on the beach below. After seeing the New World ad, and thinking: what on earth, the bread ad is the icing on a very bizarre cake. Not quite sure if it’s an edible cake. This is what you do after getting a marketing degree folks! You make bizarre ads that leave one wondering: am I supposed to want to fall off a cliff before or after I eat Adam the apple?

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