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Why would anyone post this?

Why would anyone post this?

“I offer no apologies or regrets for persistence” — Andrew Sullivan (link is not work-safe).

I don’t know if Google-bombing works any more. But it would be interesting if, when people search for Andrew Sullivan (link is not work-safe), the first link to pop up would be this link about Andrew Sullivan (link is not work-safe).

The quote comes from this post. Bonding with me in determination to consistently remind readers about this is Ace, and God bless him for it.

The relevance and authenticity of the link is discussed at this link. We’re talking hypocrisy on several levels.

You want self-righteousness, Andrew Sullivan (link is not work-safe)? I got your self-righteousness.

I once said: “If he is going to make constant disparaging references to the people surrounding Sarah Palin, I am going to keep linking the personal ad where he hypocritically seeks out men for promiscuous sex. I’ll do my best to make sure nobody ever forgets it.”

The guy I was talking about was Andrew Sullivan (link is not work-safe).

There’s a further explanation at Patterico’s if you wish to read it.


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