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Pure Scum

That’s the only way to describe the lowlifes who did this.

A group of people appeared to have chased one of the cattle around a paddock, slashing at it with knives before removing its hindquarters.

Mr Amai said there would have to have been several people involved “because it would have been quite a hard job to remove those hindquarters”.

“They would have had to have used an axe, at least.” Mr Amai said the attack was “unbelievable”.

“They have also chased another cattle beast and slashed at it with knives, cutting it across its face and neck,” Mr Amai said.

It was found wandering around the village next day, bleeding and highly stressed.

Residents called the farmer and when he returned to the paddock, he discovered the other animal still alive, lying behind hay bales in a pool of blood.

Hey SAFE, how about putting your illegal trespass activities on hold for a while and help put these lunatics behind bars?


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