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Weiner finds another way to turn off voters

It seems that, no matter how low your opinion of Anthony Weiner is, he’s perfectly happy to lower it some more.

But that’s what you get when the MSM only report part of a scandal. After all, the entire point of reporting such things is to hold the government accountable.

Who knows, if Fast and Furious had been fully reported, maybe Benghazi would never have happened? Or maybe of the media had reported properly when Obamacare was being passed into law, Obama would not today be unilaterally decreeing which parts he considers law, and which parts he doesn’t.


Double Danger in NYC Election

New York has had, by any measure, a couple of really good mayors.

First there was Giuliani who turned around the city from a crime ridden wasteland said to be ungovernable, into a modern, thriving city.

Then there was Mike Bloomberg, who also has done well for the most part, managing the city through it’s post 9/11 recovery and fighting against the education unions to improve the city’s school system.

Well, after 20 years of good governance the city looks set to return to Democratic party leadership – and not just any democrat either. At this point, the most likely winner is disgraced politician Anthony Weiner.

Now, you’d think his name would rule him out of elected office. Apparently not.

For those who don’t know, Mr Weiner was forced to resign his congressional seat after posting indecent messages to under-age girls on Twitter. The scandal was a bit of a weird one if you ask me, as, in spite of the very public evidence, the press really have not fully explored what he got up to(his Wikipedia page only mentions messages sent to adults). In fact, there are a bunch of people running around who, to this day, are convinced that the story is a beat up, or the result of hacking.

The NY Post weighs in.

Anthony Weiner knew he faced a stiff challenge, that he’d be a lightning rod for jokes while getting the shaft from the press. But after blowing a load of money on campaign research, now he’s a big thing. Polling of the electorate shows a rapid rise in his fortunes, he’s still got a huge wad of cash in the bank and New York City voters are starting to say he’s a stand-up guy with an impressive package of ideas. Last week, he exploded in the polls, finishing first in one and a close second in another. Now that he’s officially a member of the political club again, you know he’s got a feeling deep in his loins that it’s time to whip out his true self and act like the cock of the walk on the third leg of his career. If there were anyplace you could smoke anymore, he’d be puffing a Winston and asking New York, “Did you feel the Earth move?”

Sick of such puns? Just wait until Weiner wins — you won’t be able to escape them.

Weiner is starting to look like the tallest guy in Smurfopolis, what with Christine Quinn failing to build any momentum from a huge early lead and the other Democratic mayoral candidates scrambling to offer the most extravagant promises to make the schools worse, the streets more dangerous and the balance sheet insolvent.

Meanwhile, in the Republican ghetto where one in seven voters lives, former Deputy Mayor Joseph Lhota holds a lead, but he’s going to need a whole Lhota luck to stand a chance against any well-funded liberal Democrat with an approval rating higher than herpes.

Speaking of sexually transmitted diseases that just won’t go away: That leaves Anthony Weiner with a good chance of being our representative on the world stage.

Weiner would be a grandiose, overreaching mayor. Because the nation’s highest taxes are still far too low, he thinks New York City should give health insurance to 500,000 illegal immigrants — and, presumably, all the others who flow in after them when word gets around — on the pretext that this would lower costs. Taking on health care from City Hall is like trying to solve Syria or global warming.

We shouldn’t be surprised — it’s not like we weren’t warned that Weiner is a reckless and dishonest egomaniac with an absurdly inflated view of his own potency.

Between his policies, his personality and his perversions, a Mayor Weiner would return New York City to where it was before the relative sanity of the 20 years of Giuliani-Bloomberg: national laughingstock.

So not only is the city going to lose the careful management of the last two mayors, they’re going to elect a man who is already a deserved laughing stock.

But you can be sure that it’ll be the republicans who get blamed for anything that goes wrong. Either that or a lack of spending. Or hacking. Or Bush. Can’t go wrong blaming Bush.

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