Wikileaks blows some credibility

Apparently you shouldn’t trust something posted on a website that specialises in stolen information. The phony column was posted on a website that looks exactly like the online version of the New York Times Opinion Page — the pranksters even loaded the site with similar-looking ads and links to other (legitimate) Times webpages. But that wasn’t all. … Shortly after the… Continue reading Wikileaks blows some credibility

No suspension of Habeas Corpus

From Patterico, a post on Justice Scalia’s dissent in the recent Guantanamo detainees case. But here is a starting taste, along with the ending paragraph (note how Scalia conspicuously declines to write “I respectfully dissent” as is the usual custom for Justices): “Today, for the first time in our Nation’s history, the Court confers a… Continue reading No suspension of Habeas Corpus

Scalia to Morons: It’s Time You Got Over the Florida Recount

Can’t really go past the JammieWearingFool’s title on this one, or the video. (Sadly can’t embed here) It’s obscene how the story has become how Gore lost due to Bush stealing the election, not how the Supreme Court stopped Gore’s attempt. That’s BDS for you – facts are not required. Snippit from transcript. “I say… Continue reading Scalia to Morons: It’s Time You Got Over the Florida Recount