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Aria’s Organs Rejected

For those who don’t follow Aria’s site, her bowel has been rejected meaning that her transplant has to be redone.

Today Aria will be relisted for another bowel, kidney, liver and pancreas transplant.  We wait again for organs and know they need to come soon.  We are sad for the family that donated Aria’s current organs that they aren’t going to provide her with long term life, but they did buy her precious time.

This journey is so EXTREMELY tough and hard and is about to get harder. We know Aria’s recovery will be tougher and Hamish and I are weary from having to face transplant again and watching our precious girl suffer.  We have done a lot of soul searching as to whether we want to put Aria through this again.  It has been very hard, yet very easy.  We see lots of fight in her still, she isn’t giving up and the team here are unanimous in their decision to relist her.  Hamish and I will fight for her and give her the opportunity to live until God makes it clear otherwise

For those who point to the potential cost, I would point out that the money comes from a special high-cost treatment fund, so is already earmarked for such purposes.

Aria has now been in intensive care in the US since late last year. for those that pray for her, do remember also remember the rest of the family, as such lengthy stays in hospital are incredibly tough on any family & married couple.

Update: Corrected bad grammar.

Aria Has Organs!

For those following Aria MacDonald, she is currently undergoing her transplant.

It’s a mere 6 hour operation, starting at 1am!

Not a moment too soon. Here’s what I read this morning.

ANYWAY the frowns were because Aria has been more sleepy than normal and this isn’t a good sign.  ”What”!? I said  ”No it is because she is awake till 11pm and sleeps until 11am and you always see her asleep at rounds”  Ok and Aria proved them wrong and woke up and had a GREAT day laughing, walking, talking, playing, joking, smiling.But yesterday she slept the whole day.

So not sure what we are going to say to the white coats this morning.  Perhaps they are right but I don’t want to hear what they are saying.

Aria needs organs.  Soon.  Really soon.


Pray for Aria

For those that follow Aria MacDonald, now would be a good time to keep a close eye on the blog.

Asher and I went to see Aria around 6pm. As soon as I saw her I noticed something was up. She wasn’t making eye contact with me. She would look at my eyes but had this vauge crazy look in her eyes. Reminded me very much of her sodium overdose. Then she started saying the same words over and over. After about half an hour I realised I was out of my depth so buzzed the nurse and she agree that Aria was off.

Everyone is surprised Aria has remained so well and her mental status has been fine. Until today. I had to call Hamish back because we have been dreading this part of her condition and hoped it wouldn’t come. When you have liver disease it does effect the brain, not permanently, but the mental state of the person does decline.

…Our little girl is gone now and wouldn’t be back without a transplant. Perhaps she will have more lucid moments, maybe this is just today. Looking foward to rounds tomorrow to hear what the doctors have to say.

That is from yesterday (I think their site is still stamping posts with NZ time).

Today they report she is now intubated as a precautionary measure. Apparently, it’s quite possible she’d stop breathing on her own due to the toxins building up. Naturally, it’s better to put in tubes before there’s a life-and-death emergency.

Things appear to be very difficult. The bright note is that they are in exactly the right place, and are simply awaiting organs, rather being here in New Zealand where such things can’t be done.

Please pray.

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