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Kiwiblog reports that ASBOs are to be introduced.

The Herald reports the Government is looking to bring is ASBOs or Anti Social Behaviour Orders in here, for Rotorua initially.

No Right Turn will be most unhappy I predict!

Sure enough, he is.

The Herald reports that Rotorua District Council is moving ahead on a plan to introduce ASBO-style “community protection orders” to their city. The orders would allow those previously convicted of a crime to be banished from its CBD – effectively sentencing them to internal exile. No information is given on the penalties for breaching an order, or the standard of proof required to obtain one, but it sounds like the usual end-run around the criminal justice system. And naturally, local police are right behind it.

I’ve posted before on what is wrong with such orders: they violate the BORA’s affirmation of freedom of movement and its ban on retroactive penalties and double jeopardy. Those subjected to these orders will, by definition, already have been convicted and sentenced for their behaviour. The application of a CPO will effectively try and punish them for the same crime(s) again. And that’s not acceptable in any justice system in the world.

I don’t know much about ASBOs, except for what I heard on a Radio NZ documentary a few months back. A reporter went back to her old community, and found it destroyed by young hooligans. ASBOs had been placed on may of these.

But from what I heard, these were far from “little rotters”. They were simply scum of the worst kind. Scum who would threaten violence and initiate vandalism on 80 year old ladies living on their own.

These vile cockroaches should have been thrown in the deepest, darkest jail, and the key thrown away for their crimes, not let loose with a few minor restrictions on their movement.

I prefer the “broken windows” theory: if they commit a crime, catch them on their first crime. Police all crime. Let the creeps know that if they step an inch out of line, they’re going to have johnny law on their arse so quick they’ll think they’ve gone back in time.


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