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Hiroshima Day

It’s worth remembering those who died this day.

Today, August 6th, is Hiroshima today. 63 years ago today, at 08:15am on August 6th 1945, the United States murdered between 90,000 and 140,000 Japanese civilians when they destroyed the city of Hirsohima with a primitive atomic weapon. It was a war crime of the first magnitude, but no-one has ever been punished for it. Instead, those responsible were decorated and hailed as heroes.

Because we all know that the minute that first US solder set foot on japonese soil, they’d have been served with Sushi and Tea.

Oh wait, that’s not right. A million of them, plus about 7 million Japanese would have died.

This sort of atrocity must never be allowed to happen again. And if it does, we must make sure that those responsible are punished for it. Those who use nuclear weapons are hostis humani generis – the common enemy of all humanity – and they should not be allowed to find safe haven anywhere.

Good point.

Hm, let me search for Iran

With the US seemingly hellbent on escalating its war on Islam, we should be asking what our government intends to do if the shooting starts. Will Te Mana come home? Or will be be dragged into another American war, with no consultation or debate, because our government has chosen to put kiwi troops in danger?

So much for “the common enemy of all humanity”. I guess that principle applies if you don’t publicially state that you want to wipe another country off the map.

I’m not even going to bother searching for Iraq and Yellow Cake.


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